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Overall Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 17 reviews
Josie from Twin Falls
on 09/14/2019
I absolutely love and recommend this place! More than the shop itself, I recommend Mya! SHE IS AMAZING! She was so helpful and kind and truly made it a positive experience for me!!
Katie Turner from Twin Falls Idaho
on 05/18/2019
Mary was absolutely amazing!!!! I don't think I could have dont this without her! She is truly my saving angel! Someone please give her a raise!
Chelsie from Twin falls
on 04/13/2019
Mary was the!! Made it so fun. I was nervous about trying dresses on being I’m not the biggest dress girl!! She made me feel so comfortable! I had the best time!! Thanks!!
Sabrina Ekins from Hazelton/Twin Falls
on 02/10/2019
I had THE BEST time at LaNeige Bridal this weekend! I honestly didn’t think I’d find anything locally that I would like! I thought my price range was going to be too low for what I was looking for.. but NOPE!! I was able to find exactly what I wanted IN MY PRICE RANGE! ?? I’m so excited for my big day! Emily helped me and she was SO patient and she was VERY professional. She LISTENED to what I was wanting and that was so important to me! I never tried on a single “boring/ugly” dress haha all of them were gorgeous but the one I chose I knew I had to have!! Thank you so much for helping me! I will definitely refer you to all my bridal friends and family!! ??
Elyse from Twin Falls
on 01/25/2019
Mary was amazing!!! I felt so comfortable and she was really patient. She let me try on alot of dresses until I found the one i fell in love with. I had a great experience and I was so happy that I came. Thank you so much!
Cerrindince collins from Twin falls
on 01/16/2019
I found the girls very helpful. My mishap with my first dress took almost my entire budget to $0. But they showed me a few options at an amazing price point and I'm so happy!
Candace Cooper from Buhl
on 01/01/2019
I appreciated the friendly and helpful staff at LaNeige Bridal. I had fun and found a dress that I love.
Makell Stewart from Twin Falls
on 12/22/2018
I felt so comfortable and was helped perfectly! They listened to what I was saying and helped me find exactly what I wanted! I would recomend this place to anyone!
Anonymous from Twin Falls
on 11/15/2018
I had a great time at LaNeige bridal! My bridal consultant was very helpful and amazing! I had a big group with me and she worked around us making sure everyone was included. I loved that we could all look through the dresses and pick out ones for me to try on. We felt much more welcomed here then we did at other bridal shops. I'm happy to say I got my dress at LaNeige bridal. Unfortunately I can't remember her name but we were there on 11-10 just after noon.
on 08/12/2018
Great Service. Thank you guys for your time!
Daisy Simpson from Twin Falls
on 02/10/2018
When I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and felted welcomed. My experience there was amazing. I would definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you ??
Daisy Simpson from Twin Falls
on 02/04/2018
I felt welcomed with a smile from your staff. Comfortable atmosphere.
Kris Staker from Rupert
on 01/21/2018
We had such a blast! Thank you so much for your help on finding THE DRESS!! And help with finding the bridesmaids dresses! Thank you so much!
Lexi from Twin Falls
on 01/07/2018
I absolutely recommend Laneige Bridal! The customer service was phenomenal and they helped me get into the most beautiful dress.
Shyla Campbell from Hagerman
on 02/10/2017
Absolutely amazing. She took what I said just over an email and found lots of dresses that were great. Then she listened to what my family said and found a dress that became THE DRESS! It was amazing. Emily is absolutely wonderful and I'm so happy that I went there!
Jillian from Twin Falls
on 01/30/2017
I had a good time and felt very welcome. My consultant was kind and considerate while also suggesting things I may like. It was a fun experience and I can't believe I was stressed about it beforehand. Recommended!
Anonymous from Twin Falls
on 12/30/2016
I had a good experience at your store. Prior to my appointment, I looked on your website and found dresses I liked. I was disappointed that you didn't have any of those dresses I wanted to try on. Your prices are pretty high compared to other stores. The gal who helped me was very sweet. when she didn't know a question I asked, she called someone to find out.