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Courtney from Abbotsford
on 04/14/2024
I had an amazing experience!! Emily made our day so fun and she was fantastic at our job! She was very in tune to my likes and dislikes right away and helped me narrow my choices down and chose my wedding dress in one hour! Absolutely recommend this shop!!!
Lana Dutton from Abbotsford
on 03/26/2024
The person who helped me was amazing at their job. They were able to listen to my feedback on the dresses and find me options based off of what I said. She was also very welcoming and was a huge help in lacing up the dresses.
on 03/19/2024
I had a fantastic experience at Champagne and Lace. After a brief conversation with my consultant, she pulled a series of dresses that fit my vision perfectly! There wasn't a bad dress in the bunch, even the ones that I wasn't sure about on the hanger. In the end, one of them was the perfect dress for my wedding day! I was so grateful for the relaxed and warm atmosphere at Champagne and Lace and am so excited to have found my dress!
Meikaela from Coquitlam
on 03/17/2024
I had such a good experience with Karyn ! I felt overwhelmed by some other places and she put me at ease. I feel like she understood my vision right from the start.
Karli from Abbotsford
on 03/11/2024
Emily was so wonderful!!!! I was amazed at her knowledge and kindness. She was encouraging and warm and friendly. She knew exactly what style I was after too. I had an absolutely wonderful experience!
Sharon from Abbotsford
on 03/11/2024
working with Emily was such a joy to work with. She was super helpful, pulled great styles that I loved. She was so kind and honestly made my whole experience amazing
Keren Goncharov from Abbotsford
on 03/10/2024
I went to look for my dress and ended leaving with two! The salon has amazing and super friendly staff who helped me find the perfect dresses for my upcoming wedding, with so many different and very affordable choices. you can find any style in many colors and they have various sizes to try in store so you won't feel like you are squeezing into a small sample size. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel special on their day.
Karin-Ann S. from Abbotsford BC
on 03/07/2024
It was a great experience for my daughter and I. The ladies that helped us were very friendly, patient and very attentive to knowing what we liked. They definitely know what their doing and we both found what we were looking for on the first try. Thanks C&L.
Serena from Abbotsford
on 03/01/2024
Amazing experience from the moment I walked into the stop, the shop had a great selection. Karryn was great to work with, she definitely knew my vision and made me feel comfortable!
Tamarra giles from Abbotsford
on 02/19/2024
We went to the shop on Saturday feb 17th and we got Emily as our helper, she was exceptional she was very nice from the start and very friendly. I showed her ideas of what i wanted and pulled them from the rack and in the end i found my dress because of her. Definitely the place to go to for a dress.
Maxine from Abbotsford
on 02/07/2024
Great service. Beautiful dresses.
Alisia van breugel from Abbotsford
on 02/05/2024
Loved being in your store! The employees were great, and I’m in love with my dress! Can’t wait to wear it on my special day!
Megan Lewis from Langley, BC
on 02/05/2024
I have THE BEST time at Champagne and Lace. I can't remember my consultants name, but she was AMAZING. Everything she pulled was amazing, and she knew exactly the vision I had, and helped me find the silhouette and neckline that is most flattering. She was fun, high energy, and totally caught my vision.
Heather Thomson from Abbotsford
on 02/05/2024
Your staff members were so nice, especially my consultant. As a girl with some curves, she made it super easy for me to try on dresses and felt super comfortable during the whole experience.
Diana Leslie from Abbotsford Champagne and Lace
on 02/03/2024
Oh my gosh is all I can say. From the second we walked in I felt at home. Emily went above and beyond to help me find the dress of my dreams. Robynn and staff were absolutely fabulous! I am proud to say I said “yes to the dress” at Champagne and Lace.
Maria Martin from Abbotsford
on 01/30/2024
My sister and I had an appointment for dresses for my daughter's wedding. Natasha was very pleasant and a great eye for body type and what kind of dresses would look good for us. Excellent experience from beginning to the end. Her commitment to follow up was excellent as well. Would definitely highly recommend Robyn and her team.
Maria Martin from Abbotsford
on 01/30/2024
My sister and I had an appointment for dresses for my daughter's wedding. Natasha was very pleasant and a great eye for body type and what kind of dresses would look good for us. Excellent experience from beginning to the end. Her commitment to follow up was excellent as well. Would definitely highly recommend Robyn and her team.
Kayleen Collins from Abbotsford
on 01/29/2024
Had an amazing time! The lady helping me was super sweet and incredibly helpful. Every dress felt amazing and high quality. If anyone I know is searching for a wedding dress I will sent them your way.
Halli Kimball from Abbotsford, BC
on 01/29/2024
Amazing customer service & selection. Prom dress shopping experience my daughter dreamed of. Thank you SO much!
Sheri-Lynn Siciliano from Abbotsford
on 01/27/2024
I was very grateful to have someone actually LISTEN to me and not give up on me! She showed no grumbling whatsoever, just kept my spirits up and kept bringing me more options, truly grateful!
Marlana Peters from Abbotsford, BC
on 01/26/2024
Emily was amazing and so great! She knew exactly which dresses to bring for me to try on based on the details I told her. She was super helpful and made my experience great! I would highly recommend her and C&L for bridal dresses.
Kalyna Piasta from Abbotsford
on 01/24/2024
My experience shopping with Karen was more than I could have ever expected. My sister and I visited for the sample sale as my first wedding dress shopping experience. Karen was considerate of my nervousness and uncertainty with dress shopping for my curvy figure. She ensured that I was given a private space to try on the dresses and respectful in my choices of what I liked and didn’t. Not only was Karen helpful, reassuring, and kind… the pace of my full appointment the next day was relaxed and she made me feel very comfortable. She had planned for what dresses I could try that aligned with my interests, ensured that I had the chance to try on dresses of all different styles and fabrics, and provided helpful advice to encourage my confidence in the dresses I loved. Karen’s experience as a bridal consultant was evident in her expertise in pulling dresses I liked and even ended up pulling what she thought would be the perfect match—- and that dress ended up being the one I said “Yes” to! It was so unexpected and I truly believe I could not have built a level of personal confidence to escape my comfort zone in order to find my perfect wedding dress, which I’m now completely obsessed with. My expectations of this experience were definitely exceeded and I am thrilled to have found my wedding dress in a local shop!
Sara roach from Abbotsford
on 01/23/2024
We had an absolute terrific experience finding my daughter’s prom dress! Not everyone comes in with the princess daughter who loves pink and glitter and Tara was beyond professional and welcoming and made my daughter really feel comfortable.
Kelsey Philip from Abbotsford
on 01/18/2024
Wonderful experience at Champagne & Lace. They did a great job considering my initial requests for a wedding dress and selecting other styles of dresses based off of their expertise. Emily is the best!!
Elysa Philip from Abbotsford
on 01/15/2024
Five stars Emily was patient, professional and made us feel so comfortable. We are so grateful for her brilliant insight and supportive demeanor
on 01/14/2024
C&L was a great experience for us! Our consultant was super helpful and delightful. There was also a nice selection of dresses??
Dhevna Muni from Abbotsford
on 01/08/2024
Had a fantastic experience with Emily by my side! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and she successfully helped me find the perfect wedding dress. Every part of the experience was top tier! Thank you C&L team!
Sydney from Abbotsford
on 01/06/2024
The appointment was great. I was able to try on SO many dresses in a short period of time and it was overall a lovely experience
Katrina from Abbotsford
on 01/04/2024
Amazing service! The appointment went so smooth and I would recommend your service to everyone!
Katelyn from Mission
on 12/31/2023
Emily helped me out and her service was fantastic! I had only a small idea of what I was looking for and she found me the exact right dress within half an hour. Felt super comfortable and taken care of the whole time. Emily was great!!
Anonymous from Abbotsford
on 12/25/2023
Great service
Bea Suico from Abbotsford
on 12/17/2023
I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Karen during my wedding dress shopping experience, and I cannot express enough how exceptional her service was. From the moment I walked into the store, Karen's professionalism and expertise were evident.?? First and foremost, Karen took the time to understand my vision and preferences for my dream wedding dress. She listened attentively to my ideas and offered valuable suggestions based on her extensive knowledge of different styles, fabrics, and designers. Her guidance was invaluable in helping me find the perfect dress that truly reflected my personal style.?? Throughout the entire process, Karen's attention to detail was remarkable. She meticulously ensured that each dress I tried on fit perfectly and made adjustments as needed to enhance the overall look. Her expertise in understanding body types and how different dresses would flatter my figure was truly impressive.?? What truly set Karen apart was her genuine care and dedication to making my experience memorable. She went above and beyond to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making me feel comfortable and at ease— making the entire process stress-free and enjoyable.?? I cannot thank Karen enough for her exceptional service and expertise. Thanks to her, I found the wedding dress of my dreams and had an unforgettable shopping experience. I highly recommend Karen to anyone in search of their perfect wedding dress. Her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care make her an outstanding bridal consultant.?? Overall, my wedding dress shopping experience with Karen was nothing short of amazing. I am grateful for her assistance and would give her a well-deserved five-star rating.
Selin Nalbant from Abbotsford
on 12/15/2023
Hello, everything was amazing. I love the dresses and Emily was so nice. She was kind. Love the way she was helping me.
Angela from Abbotsford
on 12/10/2023
Anastasia was very helpful and attentive. My daughter had a great experience with trying grad dresses on and picking one. She had alot of fun. We were very comfortable. We chose to go back to C&L because we had a great experience once before. Thank you again
on 12/08/2023
We had a great Experience at C&L! Natasha was so helpful, there was no pressure and she was extremely patient. This is our second prom dress from here and if we had another daughter we would be back a third time!!
Tamara from Abbotsford
on 12/05/2023
Karen was absolutely fantastic. She did a perfect balance of listening to both me (the bride) and my mother! An absolute gem!
Natasha from Abbotsford location
on 12/03/2023
Our experience at Champagne and Lace was spectacular. My daughter and I visited the store twice before purchasing her prom dress and the staff is so kind, helpful and welcoming. My daughter is so happy with her purchase. Thank you so much for such a positive and memorable experience.
Olivia from Abbotsford
on 12/02/2023
Thank you, wonderful selection and availability. We were able to buy off the rack! Our consultant was helpful and knew everything in the store and was able to decode what style we were looking for and found us lots of options.
Jamie Champagne from Chilliwack
on 11/27/2023
Our dress consultant was so helpful and upon describing my daughter's checklist for her dream dress, she brought us one that was absolutely perfect and was everything that she was hoping for. We still tried on serveral other styles, just to be sure, and she was happy to entertain our need to ensure it was the perfect dress. We couldn't be happier with our experience!
Georgia Bergstreiser from Abbotsford
on 11/27/2023
Amazing experience. Tara was absolutely incredible. The selection was great for prom dresses amazing size selection.
Anonymous from Abbotsford
on 11/25/2023
Employees are extremely nice and make you feel comfortable! They are patient with you and help with their best efforts. I would recommend for anyone to not show hesitancy to shop here for prom/bridal dresses :)
Sage from Abbotsford
on 11/12/2023
Amazing assistance with finding my dream dress.
Brittany Manulak from Abbotsford
on 11/11/2023
Amazing service, beautiful dresses and fun experience! 5 star all the way!
Kyla from Abbotsford
on 10/29/2023
Everything was absolutely wonderful! The women who worked with me picked beautiful dresses and exactly what I was looking for ! I can't wait to come back
Leah Kroeker from Chilliwack
on 10/29/2023
Amazing. The lady that helped us was so fantastic!
Sarah from Abbotsford.
on 10/28/2023
The lady we had helping us was fantastic. Very attentive and have great feedback and comments.
CJ from 33811 S Fraser Way
on 10/24/2023
Made it very easy to find the perfect dress for me and I can’t wait to get it and wear it for prom!!!
Jillian Watson from Chilliwack
on 10/21/2023
She said yes to the dress!! We had the best time shopping for my daughters grad dress, our sales person Anastasia was fantastic! She also changed the playlist to Taylor Swift when she saw my daughter's sweatshirt! She was very helpful and I was thankful for the care and expertise. I can't wait to see my daughter twirl around in her gorgeous new C&L gown!
Madeline Steel from Abbotsford
on 10/18/2023
Emily was amazing and made this first grad dress shopping experience incredible - we will be back to purchase the dress from her!
Kaidence from Abbotsford
on 10/17/2023
Loved the girl who helped me she picked out my prom dress and have absolutely nothing bad to say!