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Raeven Hernandez from Odessa, Texas
on 10/24/2020
Overall the best service. Made me feel so good and helped me choose my dream dress!!
Katie Riley from Odessa Texas
on 10/17/2020
I had a wonderful shopping experience! My stylist was amazing!
Brittnie Cortez
on 10/06/2020
I definitely felt the center of attention! The people there are very helpful and so nice to finding what i want. I wasn't rushed and they especially made me feel beautiful with every dress that I tried on!
Shelbie Stickels from Midland
on 10/06/2020
I had been to multiple bridal stores in multiple cities and XO Bridals was by FAR my favorite! Jerrika was extremely knowledgeable about her dresses and so patient and kind through the whole process! You won't regret it!!
Jessica Betts from Midland, TX
on 10/02/2020
Amazing place! I loved my experience here. She kept me within my budget & didn’t allow me to go over so my expectations were held. I found the most beautiful dress ever! Very happy with this place!
ashley bechner from Midland, TX
on 09/28/2020
LOVE LOVE LOVE Jerrika and her team! They are so helpful and flexible and have been a major help in finding my style and dress! They make you feel beautiful in any dress and help keep everything stress free. Can't thank them enough!
Emily Allbright
on 09/26/2020
It was truly the best experience I could have had. Jerrika took the dresses I had sent and selected on the pre-survey, and not only had ones selected in my price range, but as close to the dresses I had sent. She was so encouraging the entire time, listened to what I had to say about the dresses I was trying on, and was patience with me in the deciding between the final dresses. There is such an amazing variety of dresses, for all styles and prices. Anyone would be able to find their dream dress! I highly recommend, do and will be recommending Jerrika and XO to everyone that needs to find their dream wedding dress!!
on 09/13/2020
I absolutely loved the staff they were so helpful and kind in the process of trying on dresses. The absolutely respected the budget, even if it was the bride that pick an experience dress to her budget. Can’t wait for the next visit to finally decide on the ONE dress!!
Alexus Bateman from Odessa
on 09/12/2020
BEAUTIFUL selection of dresses & super sweet lady that runs it
Cristal Villegas from Odessa
on 08/08/2020
The bridal consultant Janette was nice and listened to what I was looking for. She made suggestions and looked to see what dresses would be available for ordering due to short period time I had. Definitely would recommend anyone to start here when looking for bridal dresses.
Lyn Mitchell from Monahans, Texas
on 08/02/2020
WOW! What a crazy, memorable experience. XO Bridals was the cutest bridal shop I’ve ever been in. Lots of styles, color and an amazing staff! So excited that I found my dream dress there! Will definitely recommend!
Heather Kincaid
on 07/28/2020
I can’t thank y’all enough for the time spent on me. Beautiful place and awesome service for bride and bridesmaids.
Kasey Raska from Odessa, TX
on 07/27/2020
We had a wonderful experience and found my perfect dress. The owners of the store were great and I recommend everyone who is looking for a dress to check them out!
megan gray from Xo bridals
on 07/24/2020
Loved trying on dresses with you! I felt comfortable and you had amazing selections.
Kacey Spence from Stanton Tx
on 06/28/2020
I said yes to the dress! The experience was fun, helpful, educational and the entire time I kept saying I never wanted to take off their beautiful dresses nor did I ever wanna leave the shop. I ?? reccomend XO Bridals!
Jennifer Orona from Odessa, TX
on 06/22/2020
I Loved the experience I had with Claire on Saturday. She was so sweet and patient. Showed me options of what was available. And gave me ideas on what would match my dress. I'm so glad i found my Dress!
Jessica Richards from Odessa
on 06/19/2020
I highly recommend XO Bridal. They were able to find a dress that makes me feel absolutely beautiful. Odessa is very blessed! Thank you XO Bridal for everything! ??
Brittni Raymond from Odessa TX
on 06/06/2020
Loves the experience. You even picked a dress that suited me better then my own choices. Thank you so much!
Becky from Odessa, TX
on 06/06/2020
Working with Jerrika was such an awesome experience! She really listened to what I was looking for and had all kinds of helpful suggestions. She made this experience easy and fun, and I would highly recommend her shop to anyone looking for a wedding dress! Thanks Jerrika! :)
Anonymous from Odessa
on 06/01/2020
You are amazing!
Monica Garcia from Odessa, TX
on 05/31/2020
Thank you so much for providing exceptional service! It made choosing to purchase my dress locally even easier.
Lacey benjamin from Odessa tx
on 05/11/2020
I loved everything about it and it was a blast and everything went great and I would not change it for the world and I’m so happy I have found my dream dress with yall Thank you so much
Bailey Watson from Midland
on 05/09/2020
Everyone was so kind and wonderful! They made finding my dress SO easy! I’m so thankful!
Janet Pando from Levelland TX
on 03/20/2020
i loved it, Jericka was great in helping me find the right dress. I think that was what helped me decide which dress was best for me!
Dominique Galindo from Odessa
on 03/17/2020
I had so much fun! Jerrika was incredible! And I legit found my dress so fast! It was perfect. And the pricing was great! Right in my price range.
Samantha from Odessa,tx
on 03/10/2020
It was all around the best experience! Everyone was very polite and very helpful! Jerrika made me feel comfortable and helped me every step of the way, for a day that could be so overwhelming and ended up being a very fun experience! I am so excited and can't wait to see the final product!
ELISA from Odessa, TX
on 02/29/2020
My consultant was so helpful and reassuring. She gave me space to form my thoughts and made me feel very welcome.
Heather Urias from Odessa, TX
on 01/31/2020
Jerrika was amazing! She took all my ideas and what I envisioned in my mind to bring out the most beautiful wedding dress I could have ever imagined. I fell in love with the gown as soon as I put it on. XO Bridals made my experience one to remember. ??
Shelby Jones. from Midland
on 01/17/2020
Love love loovveedd the shop! The owner was extremely nice! I loved all the dressed I tried on. Very trendy bridal shop! I can not wait for my big day! I SAID YES!
Clare from Midland, TX
on 01/16/2020
XO Bridals is amazing! I went in only knowing a little bit about wedding dresses and ended up leaving with my dream dress! They did a great job of making me feel comfortable and beautiful and had many suggestions. They even helped me find a matching veil. XP Bridals is the best!
Terri Watkins from Odessa
on 01/05/2020
Excellent experience. Would definitely recommend to anybody getting married. Sales person took her time, never made us feel rushed and was very helpful.
Linda from Midland
on 01/04/2020
Absolutely love this place!!! She took her time to understand what I wanted.
Allie Long from Irving, TX
on 12/16/2019
I am so happy I made the decision to go to XO Bridal’s. Jerrika was so sweet and took great care of me. I found the absolute perfect dress for my big day! Thank y’all so much.
Kelsey James from Odessa XO bridal
on 12/14/2019
I had a wonderful experience at XO bridal! Jerrika was so sweet and helped me pick the most beautiful dress!
Jennifer Muirhead from Odessa
on 12/05/2019
I absolutely loved my experience at your store. I will definitely be coming back to find my dress. The store is so beautiful and modern and everyone was so friendly and helpful.
Ximena RC from Odessa, TX
on 12/03/2019
Beautiful store and gowns. The consultant who helped me choose and try on the dresses was very nice, and she even helped me take some videos to send to my mom (who couldn't go with me).
Rikki O’Rourke from Odessa, TX
on 12/03/2019
Great selection and great layout of the store. Having the prices on the dress was super helpful. It kept me on track with my budget. The owner was the one helping me and she was so sweet and understanding. She went above and beyond searching for dresses that would be available for our wedding that is happening just two short two months from now. I would highly recommend XO Bridals!
Victoria from Odessa TX
on 11/21/2019
The ladies at XO Bridal were so sweet and helpful even though I felt like a bridezilla! They were so patient and accommodating to all my lovely family that was present! I said YES to the dress right away and completely in love with my dress!!
on 11/01/2019
Absolutely loved trying on her amazing selection! Super helpful and laid back!
Kenzie Compton from Odessa, TX
on 10/09/2019
XO helped me find my DREAM wedding dress! This was my first time ever trying on wedding dresses and the owner and staff made me feel so comfortable. It was such a fun experience for me. I would definitely recommend XO to any Bride-to-be.
Catalina Villa from Hobbs, nm
on 08/27/2019
I absolutely loved the hospitality and the kindness everyone showed me to help me look for the right dress. Very efficient and helpful. I found my dress super fast!!
Jaye Chasteen from Midland, TX
on 08/09/2019
I knew before I came for my appointment that I would find the dress I was looking for. I wanted to find it here. This petite boutique has the BIGGEST hearts in it that make you want to find your dress with them! Not only that, but they provide the best feedback, atmosphere, and consultation to find the dress that is YOU. Even if they all look fabulous, you can only pick one ??????? That’s the part of the appointment where they really shine in helping you decide on THE dress. By asking the right questions and offering a variety of alternatives and alteration options that will taylor your dress to YOU. I’m not a writer or a critic, but I know what good service is and when people have a true passion for what they do. Don’t take my word for it though, stop by and in 5 minutes you’ll feel the same vibe I did.
Kayla Wilson from Midland
on 05/15/2019
Jerrika was super sweet & understanding since I had NO clue as to what I really wanted and going in a few different directions! But ended up falling in love with the dress of my dreams!!
Rylee Rumbaugh from Lubbock, TX
on 05/08/2019
Jerrika was amazing and respectful and there to help me with anything. She was flexible, accommodating and runs an absolutely beautiful store that brings a wonderful addition to Odessa. Feels like you’re in a hollywood bridal store.
Whitney from Odessa
on 04/19/2019
Lovely dress shop, beautiful dresses, and great customer service! Highly recommend
on 03/27/2019
Absolutely amazing!
Krista from Odessa, Tx
on 03/21/2019
They were absolutely amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and special! I'm so excited I found the dress of my dreams! I love Xo bridals
Melanie Fabricatore from Odessa, TX
on 03/19/2019
I really enjoyed shopping for my perfect dress at XO Bridals. The staff was so sweet and patient throughout my whole visit. They really made dress shopping less stressful for sure! I had a very fun and pleasant experience!
Kacee Bryant from Seminole TX
on 03/15/2019
I Highly Recommend XO Bridals!! jerrika and all of the ladies we're So wonderful and patient with me. they made my day perfect Thank yall so much!
on 03/12/2019
It was an awesome experience. Very helpful and all around great place.