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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 50 reviews
on 01/15/2022
Elysia was amazing! Great place!
Sophia from Spring
on 01/13/2022
Great experience!! Kaitlyn was fantastic and helpful. She helped me find my dream dress and made the experience really joyful and exciting. There was a great selection of beautiful but still unique wedding dresses! So glad I got my dress here!
Amber Tatum from Spring
on 01/12/2022
Carley was absolutely amazing!! She made trying on dresses fun and was an absolute joy to work with.
Marissa Coker from Spring, TX
on 01/08/2022
Kendall and Carley were absolutely amazing! They were so patient with my large group of bridesmaids and listened to what I wanted from a dress. They were so sweet and helpful. We loved our experience.
Miranda Sarmiento from The Princess Bridal
on 01/03/2022
I loved being a The Princess Bridal Bride! They were amazing with helping me find my dress of my dreams! I had ideas of what I thought I wanted and realized with the help of trying other options what I thought I liked I didn’t like for myself. I am so glad I chose The Princess Bridal! They have the sweetest staff and truly help you find the perfect dress!
Crystal Tanguma from Princess Bridal, - spring, Tx
on 01/01/2022
I have gone to seven different bridal boutiques and although I still haven’t found “The Dress” yet Princess Bridal has been my favorite boutique so far. The store was clean, had a beautiful selection of dresses in all sizes, the dressing rooms are so cute and spacious. My consultant was Carley and she was so sweet helpful at helping me try to find my dress. She wasn’t being pushy and trying to talk me into buying a dress I didn’t love. She understood the style of dress I was looking for. I really enjoyed her as my consultant. I have a few more places to look for a dress but if I don’t find one, I will be returning to Princess Bridal to purchase a dress solely based on the fantastic service Carley provided and how comfortable she made me feel. She is a true gem and a great asset to this boutique. I will recommend this boutique to other future brides.
Kaitlyn Mcmillan
on 12/24/2021
Carly was absolutely amazing! I’ve visited several salons and my experience with y’all was by far the very best!
Ashlyn Mcwhorter from Spring TX
on 12/04/2021
Beautiful dresses at a great price! Great workers, they were all super nice and super helpful! I finally found my dress after going to 3 other stores. I highly recommend this place to find THE DRESS.
Jasmine Anderson from Spring, TX
on 11/28/2021
Raquel was amazing. So helpful and knowledgeable. She made great recommendations after being sure to gather information about my wedding and likes. Price range and selection was great. Wonderful experience all around.
Gina Goosby from Houston
on 11/28/2021
I am a return customer to Princess Bridal. I am a widow and have another opportunity at marriage. My first dress was purchased at Princess Bridal, when they were located on Old Town Spring Road. My experience was great then and was great now!. I did not know what to expect with the new management. Kitty was assigned as my consultant. She was very helpful and attentive to my needs. She offered suggestions that were great! Her personality is a great fit with Princess Bridal. Thank you Kitty. I said "Yes" to the dress!
Horatia Fang from Princess Bridal
on 11/27/2021
Love working with Kitty today! She was so sweet and an absolute delight!
Natalie Nations from 2920
on 11/16/2021
The girls were amazing!! The dresses were beautiful!!!
Alicia C Curry from Spring
on 11/07/2021
Great ladies. They made us so comfortable! It was a great experience.
Kenia Mendoza from Humble
on 11/02/2021
I liked the fact that each bride gets to have a small private room to try on dresses. Kitty was awesome and she help me make the right decision.
Danielle Martinez from Spring
on 10/29/2021
So fun and helpful!!! Enjoyed it a lot! Lots of good options and the consultant understood my opinions and feedback!
Tiffany Hiemeyer from Spring
on 10/12/2021
5-star service foreshore from pinning dresses and trying on. Staff is excited, helpful, professional, knowledgeable. and personable. It was a better and more enjoyable experience that other bridal boutiques around Houston. You get a private room and the decor of the space is just so beautiful and organized
Darla Trammell from Houston, TX
on 10/10/2021
My dress shopping experience was everything! Alyssa was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and so special! I found my dress and I’m so excited about it! 10 out of 10 recommend Princess Bridal!
on 09/30/2021
Carly was AWESOME! My top favorite dress was one that she picked out after seeing the ones I chose, and hearing my wish list for my dress. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the dresses in the store. I would highly recommend checking out Princess if you're looking for a customized bridal experience!
Riley from Houston
on 09/26/2021
Carley was amazing!! Best experience I've had. She was so helpful and sweet and was so knowledgeable! Awesome time at Princess Bridal.
Kirsten Coplen from Spring
on 09/26/2021
The staff was awesome! We found my dress in probably 30 minutes but I wanted to try on more to make sure it was “the one” the hour and a half was more than enough! I can’t wait to get my dress in. Go see these ladies they are amazing at what they do!
Brittney Dizzine from Spring Texas
on 09/25/2021
Carly was amazing!!! It was such an easy time to relax and enjoy trying on wedding dresses. It was a great first experience.
Melissa Vaughn from Richmond/Rosenberg Texas
on 09/25/2021
I think Carly was so helpful throughout our visit to the salon yesterday. I enjoyed the fact that she gave her honest feedback on each dress I tried on, which in turn helped me make a great decision on a beautiful dress. The window in the fitting room made the dresses I tried on glow with sparkle in each picture we took. The facility was clean and up to date, which I absolutely loved. The room temperature was perfect! No one wants to sweat while trying on wedding dresses. When I went back the same evening to buy my dress, I met some of the other staff and they were kind and friendly as well. Thank you for giving me such a good experience!
Amy Kent from Spring TX
on 09/13/2021
Our experience at TPB was wonderful. They have a great assortment of dresses, nice facility, and very friendly staff. Kitty was wonderful and very helpful in helping me pick out my dress! Thank you for a great experience!
Marie Lataquin from 2920
on 09/09/2021
It is an elegant boutique, with pretty aesthetics & girly elements that truly make a bride feel like a PRINCESS while she's there... The private suites were spacious, comfy, and accommodating. There is a tremendous selection of dresses, many styles to choose from & gorgeous, prices vary... My consultant Kitty was a delight; she was eager, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable with helping me find the perfect gown. I said, "YES, to the dress!" at Princess Bridal! ...A wonderful & memorable experience.
Lori Schaub from Spring
on 09/01/2021
Absolute greatest wedding dress shopping experience. I was a little nervous starting the dress shopping process, but Erika made it so smooth and exciting. It was a much better experience than I could have ever imagined and I am so in awe of my dress. Thank you for a wonderful day, for both me and my Mom.
Emily Seal from 2940 FM 2920 Suite 190 Spring, TX 77388
on 08/29/2021
Lady that helped me was very nice and definitely knew what she was doing. Loved the private rooms and the selection of dresses! I would recommend it in a heart beat!
Stephanie from Spring TX
on 08/24/2021
Kitty was absolutely perfect! She was so kind and helpful and not at all pushy! Even though I didn’t get a dress here, she helped me get a better idea of what I like and made me feel so much better and more confident about dress shopping! I can’t recommend her enough!!
on 08/07/2021
We had an amazing experience at the boutique!
on 08/02/2021
Everyone was super nice and helpful!! The dresses were beautiful and I'm so happy I picked my dress here!
Julie from Princess bridal Spring, Tx
on 08/01/2021
Kaitlin was awesome to work with and made my experience wonderful! I found the perfect dress and said yes to the dress! I can’t wait to wear it on my special day.
Valerie Fuentes from The princess bridal boutique
on 07/31/2021
I had a great experience here! Melissa was so sweet and helpful! The boutique is so cute. I really enjoyed having a spacious private room just for us. This was only my first day of shopping and did not expect to find my dress, but I did. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to return to pick it up! Thank you all so much! Every one of you was absolutely sweet.
Nicole Miller from The Princess Bridal Boutique
on 07/28/2021
Kitty was wonderful and a joy to work with. I was stressed about picking the first five dresses but it really gave her a good idea as too what I liked. She listened to my pros and cons carefully. It was overall a great experience and was glad to attend such a beautiful boutique.
Kelani White
on 07/17/2021
Everyone was so nice and helpful during my experience shopping. They helped me find the perfect dress for my big day and we’re all so patient and kind to me.
Stephanie Kirkpatrick from Spring, TX
on 07/03/2021
Everything was amazing. My consultant was great, the selection was fabulous, the whole process was so much less stressful than anywhere else I’d been, and I found my dress. Thank you again!
Ashley Blakeney from Spring, Texas
on 06/25/2021
This was the best experience I have ever had picking out dresses (not just wedding dresses). I enjoyed the consultant I had. She was very nice and complimented me when I tried on dresses. She asked what I wanted and went from there. She took notes as we went through dresses and then picked out a couple. She was super helpful and I would definitely recommended this place! Also, the dress selection was incredible! I went to a place earlier in the day and that place did not even compare to The Princess Bridal! I had an amazing time!! I want to thank the staff here for making this experience unforgettable and helping me find the dress of my dreams! I am excited to say I said yes to the dress here!
Charity Squyres from Grapeland, Tx
on 06/14/2021
Amazing experience by far! My consultant was absolutely wonderful, sweet, and helped me pick the perfect dress! All the staff there were so sweet and the environment! it was definitely worth the drive there!
Sophie Matthews from The one in the Woodlands area
on 06/13/2021
Love you guys. Jordan was awesome, so helpful and knew what i was looking for, and really helped me maneuver among all the dresses expertly. Plus there were lots of dresses there that i loved! And y'all's organized racks were very helpful.
Morgan Darby from Spring, TX
on 06/12/2021
I have nothing but amazing things to say about The Princess Bridal! The selection was amazing, I love the set up of the entire place, and I loved getting to have everyone I wanted there. I only had 5 people, but it was 5 people I couldn’t choose between, and a lot of other places wouldn’t accommodate that. My consultant was absolutely amazing and totally helped make me feel like a bride! I went to another bridal shop right before, Brickhouse Bridal, and just felt icky and never felt the way that I did at Princess Bridal. Thank you all for everything, I’m so glad I found my dream dress here!
Katie Conway from Spring, TX
on 06/07/2021
Wonderful options! I felt extremely comfortable and loved the staff! Kitty was awesome and I even ended up saying yes to the one she picked out!
Addison verleye from Spring texas
on 06/05/2021
Had an amazing experience! The consultant was nice and found exactly what I wanted! The shop itself is gorgeous!!
Alexis Johnson from Spring
on 06/03/2021
Alyssa helped me out so much and made me feel so comfortable. With my situation it was even more special to have picked a dress out, loved it, and actually leave with buying it! Great staff. The place is so beautiful too.
Amanda from Spring
on 05/31/2021
I had a great time at The Princess Bridal Boutique! I tried on many dresses, and Raquel Martinez, my stylist, was super helpful. She was kind and patient through all of my indecision and my hemming and hawing. The boutique itself is lovely and they have so many dresses to choose from that are all different sizes and styles. It was lovely!
Nia from Houston, Tx
on 05/24/2021
I had an amazing experience dress shopping there. I had already been to 3 different stores and seemed very discouraged. However, it turned out to be the complete opposite. I ended up saying YES TO THE DRESS too!!!
Baylee Autin from Lake Charles, la
on 05/23/2021
Princess bridal had such an amazing selection of many designers. Melissa, who helped me find my perfect dress, was a huge help and made me truly feel special! Keep up the great work and always put the experience first and joy of the bride first!
Jasmine Bernal
on 05/16/2021
I purchased my dress here and it was my first stop! My dress helper was Erika, she helped me in and out of the dresses and reassured me what some women wear and made the experience smoother than some places I been to. some of my bridesmaids thought i was skinnnyyy so we had to do a lotta wiggling so I am sorry for your little fingers Erika lol. The area is very clean and well kept, the rooms are great for your girls or guys to sit. Front desk staff was helpful and very very kind.
Mariah H.
on 05/10/2021
Wow! This was my second appointment and I am blown away! All of the dresses were gorgeous and my stylist was able to help with all the questions I had! 10/10 recommend!
Anonymous from 2920
on 05/05/2021
Amazing place and services. We loved how we had our only little room for our special moment. I was able to say yes to the dress. If you are still looking for your dress I would definitely recommend this place.
Darby from 2978
on 05/01/2021
I had a great experience and really loved the stylist helping me. The boutique is really cute and completely changes the experience. It was so much fun and not stressful at all like other boutiques I’ve visited!
Brittany Widacki from Spring
on 05/01/2021
Kitty was PHENOMENAL! She made it the best experience in finding the perfect dress.
Patricia from 2940 FM 2920
on 04/24/2021
Ericka was super friendly and patient with me. I really loved the friendly atmosphere and pretty dresses!