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Lauren from Atlanta
on 09/16/2023
Yolanda was the absolute sweetest and so helpful in my dress selection! She made me feel so confident and truly has an eye for your individual style.
Raven from Atlanta
on 09/05/2023
Keyerra provided a great experience. She showed me a variety of dresses and encouraged me to keep an open mind about styles I wouldn’t usually consider. She was very knowledgeable about the materials and design of each dress. I was very nervous about trying on dresses but she made me feel really comfortable.
Justine Collins
on 08/31/2023
I had an AMAZING time trying on wedding gowns at the Suite Bridal. Yolanda was my style assistant, and she made my experience so so wonderful. She was kind, warm, and so attentive! She made me feel comfortable around her, and also made me feel beautiful in all the gowns I tried on. I went by myself so Yolando felt like my hype woman!! :) I can't wait to come back here and say yes to the dress!!
Melea from Atlanta, GA
on 08/08/2023
Let's just say for it to be my first time, it was amazing! Keyerra was the best, so patient, so kind, and comforting. I left with exactly what I was looking for, also within my price range. I have nothing but positive things to say! I would definitly recommend!
Riley from Atlanta
on 08/06/2023
Yolanda was SO SO helpful, sweet, and knowledgeable and knew the right tips and tricks so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. Highly recommend.
Tara Bilodeau from Buckhead Location
on 08/01/2023
We had an amazing time looking at dresses with Yolanda. She really felt like she cared about finding me a dress that I really loved and felt beautiful in. She was so encouraging and was able to provide feedback without any body shaming. There were so many beautiful dresses it was hard to pick one. Definitely an awesome place to go if you’re dress budget is over 1200$. The only constructive feedback I would give is that the pre-appointment assessment could include a spot to link a pinterest board. Most brides have a pinterest board of potential dresses that might help the assistants better understand their aesthetic beforehand.
Paige Compton from Buckhead
on 07/22/2023
Yolanda was absolutely amazing. She made me feel extremely comfortable during the appointment. She was personable and professional. So glad she was the person that helped me. The appointment would not have been as fantastic with anyone else. The selection of dresses was far superior to other shops I have visited. So glad I said yes to my dress here.
Brenai Bell from Atlanta, GA
on 07/16/2023
I had the BEST time at Suite Bridal and the icing on the cake was finding my perfect dress on my first ever wedding dress shopping trip. The moment we walked in we were greeted by Yolanda and the owner came and introduced himself as well. He shared that he and his wife owned the shop and I immediately felt at home. I wasn't sure what to expect with it being my very first visit, but my consultant Al'Janae was AMAZING. She made me feel so comfortable. She showed me a wide variety of dresses and didn't rush me at all. She allowed my friends to pick out dresses as well, and I ended up choosing one they picked out. The entire experience was so much fun and I would highly recommend Suite Bridal for your wedding dress needs!
Ellie Downey from Atlanta
on 07/08/2023
My girl Yolanda hooked me up! She was absolutely amazing and made me feel special and confident! Highly recommend!
Kenyana Whitehorn from Atlanta
on 07/02/2023
The best time. The best experience. The best vibes. Yolonda was absolutely amazing. When all hope was lost, she was there to be a light. Whatever she’s getting paid, it needs to be raised. She’s absolutely amazing.
Kayla C from Atlanta
on 06/25/2023
I loved every minute of my appointment! Yolanda was an amazing stylist and was very attentive the entire time! She helped me pick my dream dress and I couldn’t be more happy with my dress and overall buying experience!
Polly from Kennesaw
on 06/23/2023
Yolanda took such great care of us today! The whole experience was an absolute joy. I felt like comfortable and excited the whole time and found my dress! Thank you!
Stephanie Erceg (mother of the bride) from Atlanta GA
on 06/05/2023
What a wonderful experience we had at Suite Bridal! Yolanda was the absolute best! She paid attention to what the bride said she liked and didn’t like about each dress she tried on.Yolanda then suggested a dress that she selected and like magic it ended up being the perfect dress! The bride couldn’t have been happier. She didn’t want to take the dress off! Yolanda made the bride feel so special and helped ease her anxiety! Thank you for such a great experience!
Alex Phelps from Atlanta
on 05/16/2023
Give Keyerra a raise 11/10 experience
Alex from Port-au-Prince, Haiti
on 05/09/2023
Keyerra sure knows how to make a bride feel special!
Ashley Borum
on 05/08/2023
Absolutely loved the space. Felt warm and inviting. LOVED Keyerra. I felt like she was reading my mind. I can't wait to come for a follow up. I wish I'd never planned to see any other shops because I absolutely love Suite.
Daisy from Fitzgerald, Ga
on 05/08/2023
Emily from Buckhead
on 04/23/2023
I had an excellent experience at Suite Bridal. The owner, Ricardo, was extremely warm, inviting, and made me and my mother feel comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. Our consultant, Tea, was extremely helpful and did a great job helping us navigate the shopping experience from picking dresses in my style to setting the dresses and accessories up for try on. Suite Bridal is an excellent place to go wedding dress shopping with your guests!
Anitha from Marietta
on 03/20/2023
Was a great experience. My Stylist Keyerra was amazing.
Kadiatu T Pabai from Peachtree Rd.
on 03/16/2023
Yolanda was amazing!! We enjoyed the time she took with us and the attention she paid throughout the whole session!! Really made me and my family feel comfortable and was very personable!!
Taylor Long
on 03/12/2023
Yolanda was amazing!! She made the whole experience so fun and made me feel so comfortable.
Kaitlyn Jones from Atlanta
on 02/12/2023
I had the absolute BEST experience at Suite Bridal working with Yolanda!! She was so kind throughout the entire process and helped me find my dream dress - which was SO different from what I thought I originally wanted and is absolutely perfect. I felt so confident and comfortable throughout the entire day. I simply cannot recommend Suite Bridal enough!!!
Maggie Polson
on 02/11/2023
Keyerra was wonderful! She kept the appointment up beat and moving smoothly. She listened to my likes and dislikes about each dress and pulled a dress I wouldn't of picked for myself by that ticked all the boxes. She listened to my concerns as the bride and didn't allow my guests to take over the appointment. I sincerely appreciate the care that went into the appointment! Thank you Keyerra!
Catherine Johnson from Boulder CO
on 02/09/2023
My stylist Yolanda was amazing. So helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and warm. I want to invite her to my wedding now. Yolanda walked me around the store and gave information about each designer before picking dresses to try on. Overall an awesome experience.
Haley Kendrick from Buckhead
on 02/05/2023
Suite Bridal made me feel at home the second I walked in. Yolanda was fabulous in every way! Walked my family and I through the process while providing her professional opinion. I showed her some photos of my vision and she helped me find the one! She explained the alteration process, timeline, and helped me keep an open mind. I would highly recommend Suite Bridal to every bride looking for a stress free wedding dress experience!
Aleksandra from Atlanta, GA
on 01/22/2023
My experience at Suite Bridal was great. Yolanda was amazing! So kind, fun and listened to my wants/needs. She pulled only dresses within my budget and tighter turnaround time, and even pulled 3 really great options from the back that were super affordable and gorgeous.
Janice B. from Atlanta, GA
on 01/21/2023
Thanks to Darla for a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience. Although I did not find the dress I wanted, Darla was so helpful and even gave suggestions for other alternatives. I would definitely recommend this bridal salon.
Isa Ferrall from Colorado
on 01/19/2023
Darla was abosolutely wonderful. This was the fourth place we went to try on dresses, and from the moment I walked in I had a good feeling. The dresses were soo much higher quality for the price ranges. Darla intently listened to my likes, dislikes, preferences, and body language better than any other stylist I have met. She was even the one to pull the dress I ended up getting and I couldn't be more happy with the choice. Thank you so much for making this process easy and enjoyable.
Kaitlin Border
on 01/17/2023
I just wanted to send personal feedback for Darla - she was such an angel of a stylist and she truly made my dress shopping experience truly wonderful. Although I ended up finding my dress elsewhere, I would recommend suite highly to anyone looking for their perfect dress
Betsy from Atlanta
on 01/05/2023
Keyerra was amazing! I felt that she really listened to what I wanted and helped me find a dress I was comfortable in.
Danielle from Atlanta
on 01/04/2023
Thank you for being kind and helpful during my appointment yesterday! I appreciated my stylist's patience and excitement.
Alice from Atlanta
on 01/01/2023
Yolanda was FANTASTIC. It was such an amazing experience; everyone commented on how well she listened, that she wasn't at all pushy, etc.
Sydney from Buckhead
on 12/28/2022
I had a great visit with Brooke trying on dresses for the first time, and actually ended up LOVING two dresses! Brooke was so helpful, the selection was ideal, and I look forward to coming back soon to decide on THE dress!
Christina Hankins from Atlanta
on 12/19/2022
Yolanda was everything thing I didn't know I needed in a wedding dress consultant. She created an amazing shopping experience for me and my family and instantly became part of the family and the fun. She made me feel comfortable in this very intimate setting and took away my nerves. She was very respectful of my budget; which I so appreciate (what bride doesn't?). She has an amazing eye and is wonderful at what she does, not only did she find styles that complimented me, but she also accessorized to perfection. I left Suite Bridal with a dress that I love. A dress style I didn't even know I liked on me. Thank you for an amazing experience. I haven't stopped smiling since saying yes to my dress.
Tonya Duhart from Loganville, GA
on 12/19/2022
I had a wonderful experience at Suite Bridal and my stylist was AMAZING! Unfortunately, I didn't find my dream dress (I did come close) but I had a really great time. The salon was gorgeous and the team was fantastic. I would highly recommend it to others.
Sara B. from Buckhead, Ga
on 12/17/2022
Keyerra was extremely professional and knew all the right questions to ask. She went above and beyond to make sure I had a good experience!
Kelly Ahern from Atlanta
on 12/15/2022
Suite Bridal was absolutely amazing. As soon as we walked in, I knew it was the perfect atmosphere. Then I met Yolanda who helped me pick out dresses and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect person. She was so kind, helpful, and understanding. When I couldn’t quite fine the dress, they were offering to help me build the perfect dress. It really was an absolutely incredible experience and I would completely recommend this to anyone looking to find their dress.
Nancy Cruz from Atlanta
on 12/12/2022
We had an amazing experience with Yolanda, she was so patient and very kind. It was one of the best bridal shopping experience we had. They provided stellar customer service and gave us many options to choose from.
Monica from Atlanta
on 12/07/2022
I worked with Keyerra and she was super sweet and helpful! This was my first time ever trying on wedding dresses and Keyerra made me feel so comfortable! She really takes the time to listen and provide really good options. The suite itself is clean and parking was a easy.
Lavinia L. from Atlanta
on 12/06/2022
Yolanda is simply amazing! We connected instantly. I walked in with a bit of fear because of not knowing what I wanted. She so effortlessly made the experience fun and stress free and I got to say "yes to the dress!". I am so thankful for choosing Suite Bridal.
Katie Beth from Atlanta
on 11/24/2022
Thank you so much for making the wedding dress shopping experience so fun and enjoyable. You all had a great selection! Jenna and Ricardo were awesome and super helpful!
Miralda Medina from Atlanta
on 11/14/2022
The best experience ever. Darla was so helpful and thoughtful, she did way more than anyone in past experiences. I didn’t find my dress, but the catalog they have is extensive, modern and beautiful. I do really appreciate the job that Darla did and honestly i will recommend this place. Brides to be… you are in the right place with Suite Bridal.
Christina from Marietta, GA
on 11/07/2022
Yolanda, my stylist really made the whole experience enjoyable and fun! After trying on a couple different styles, she was able to narrow down the details that I wanted in a dress and found what was flattering for me. She pulled a dress that I hadn't noticed that checked off all the boxes and was a show stopping choice for me. After a whole day of trying on wedding dresses, Yolanda made me feel comfortable and really made the experience feel special for me and my crew! Suite Bridal also worked with my budget which I am truly grateful for and has lots of budget friendly options. I truly believe that the dress chose me at Suite Bridal and I am so grateful to have had a warm and friendly shopping experience!
on 11/05/2022
I had the best experience at Suite Bridal all thanks to my wonderful consultant, Monica! She listened to what I wanted and picked exactly that. I’m so thankful for Suite Bridal and all their help in finding me my wedding dress!!
Jessica from Buckhead
on 11/01/2022
Darla is incredible! She was a huge reason that I enjoyed my experience at Suite Bridal. She took the time to educate me on the fabrics, alteration options, etc. At first glance, the majority of the dress inventory looked to not be quite what I was looking for. Once I explained to Darla more of what I wanted she found me something right away and in my budget! The dress was perfect! I wanted a little more time to think on it (I’m not a prompt decision maker) and I didn’t feel any pressure from her to make a decision. This allowed me the time to really decide and I felt like I was able to make the best decision on my own time - which ended up being saying yes to a Suite Bridal dress!
on 10/23/2022
Amazing. Thank you!
Elizabeth from Atlanta
on 10/21/2022
Yolanda was super sweet and helpful and made wedding dress shopping fun and easy.
Katie from Atlanta
on 10/03/2022
Y'all were amazing!! I went to another appointment after coming here and there was no comparison. My consultant, Keyerra, made me feel so comfortable, did not rush me, properly helped me get into each dress, and did such a fantastic job of really listening to what I liked about each dress. My mom and sister arrived before I did and she spoke with them about what they thought I wanted, my complexion, my style, the wedding. From that conversation she actually picked out the dress that I was most interested in trying on and turned out to be my favorite dress. On top of that, my future MIL was running late, so she and I were about 20 minutes late to the appointment and the staff were gracious enough to push my appointment back 30 minutes so that I was able to get the full 90 minutes for my appointment. My appointment truly could not have gone better. I would happily recommend anyone else looking for a wedding dress pay Suite Bridal a visit.
Morgan from Buckhead
on 09/25/2022
Amazing!! Such a great experience. Yolanda and the other staff were so welcoming and it truly was everything I hoped for.
Jayme Astarita from Chamblee
on 09/22/2022
Yolanda was AMAZING! She listened to what I was looking for and helped pick many different styles that I loved! My family and I had such a lovely and relaxed experience shopping with her!
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