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Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 30 reviews
on 01/12/2019
Beautiful dresses, amazing service!
Zoie P. from Lakewood, Ohio
on 01/12/2019
I had a great experience trying on wedding dresses at Brides by the Falls. Their dresses are beautiful. Jennifer and Margaret were great! So helpful and kind. I love the dress I purchased and can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!!
Dana Varga from Struthers, Ohio
on 01/12/2019
Always a pleasure! The staff is great! Loved working with Jennifer, never pressured to buy, made the experience so fun! Found just what I was looking for!
Kayley Buddenbaum from Chagrin
on 01/12/2019
The woman who helped me try on my dress was very nice and helpful, made it a relaxing day.
Hannah Kimberly from Chagrin Falls, OH
on 01/02/2019
The staff was incredibly helpful in pulling out styles based of my interest and reactions to other dresses. They gave great suggestions regarding modifications or other options that would be best suited for my interests. Would not hesitate to recommend them for any bride trying to find their dream dress!
Rachael Parks from Chagrin Falls
on 11/11/2018
I felt SO COMFY and excited when I stepped into the shop! Sales Reps immediately were making conversation with me, smiling, and happy to help. Would definitely recommend this adorable shop to any of my friends
Sophie B. from Cleveland Heights
on 11/10/2018
I had such a lovely time at your shop--everyone was accommodating, helpful, and honest. It made the experience of finding a wedding dress as stress-free as possible, and I couldn't have asked for a better time!
Lauren from Rocky river
on 11/10/2018
The store is beautiful and the staff is extraordinary. Thank you for all of your help, you all made this so easy for me!
Kimberly Green from Seven Hills Ohio
on 10/20/2018
Such a great store! Jamie was so kind today and patient with our questions. So excited for our next appointment.
Katherine from Twinsburg
on 10/09/2018
The people at Brides By the Falls were very helpful and personable. They spent a lot of time helping me try on dresses and making the day a memorable one. Thank you so much for your time!
Kimberly Green from Seven Hills, Ohio
on 09/19/2018
What a great store! Jennifer is so wonderful and made me feel so comfortable. I had fun, and found the dress I love!
Rhonda Feldman from Brides by the Falls Chagrin Falls
on 08/24/2018
Our experience couldn’t have been better! Staff was friendly, helpful, and supportive. It was our first look at wedding gowns and two were spectacular. The owner (Jennifer) helped to make our visit stress free and joyful! We hope to return soon with our selection!
on 08/19/2018
Brides by the Falls was wonderful. It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and it was a great experience for my mother and I. They were incredibly patient, warm, and insightful. I felt at ease trying on dresses and not forced into something I did not like. I appreciated the time they devoted to me and will forever cherish the experience.
Molly Weiss from Chagrin Falls
on 08/16/2018
This bridal store is truly amazing. The selection and the people are the best. I would Recommend this store to all of my friends who are getting married.
Cailin Bartolone from Chagrin Falls
on 08/04/2018
For my first time dress shopping, Brides By the Falls, created an amazing experience. It was personal and intimate experience. I appreciate the time they took to help me find my style and my dress!
Carly C. from Miami
on 08/03/2018
Excellent shop-I found my dress right away! I had a great experience and highly recommend this boutique to all brides!
Jenna Rindler from Brides by the Falls - Chagrin Falls
on 07/26/2018
I had a wonderful experience shopping at Brides by the Falls. The gowns were lovely, and we were given full attention during the entire appointment. The ladies were there and ready to adjust the clips holding the dress every time we asked - even when it was several times for one dress. It was such a great experience, and I would definitely go back!
Karie Staudt from Hudson, Ohio
on 07/23/2018
We had a great experience and many beautiful choices. Jamie and Megan were so helpful and supportive and made the whole process so enjoyable. Great shop! Thank you
Abbey Deckard from Chagrin Falls
on 07/14/2018
Jamie was amazing and helpful, as were all the other ladies (but especially Jamie). It was a great experience
Dana from Cleveland Heights
on 06/16/2018
Although I did not fall in love with any dresses here, this was by far the most fun experience that I have had dress shopping. I worked with Jennifer who was very professional, but also laid back. She appreciated my not so serious attitude and laughed along with my jokes about ridiculous dresses or bridal traditions. She made me feel super comfortable. I wish that I had found a dress there just so I could go back!
Sara Anthony from Chagrin Falls, Ohio
on 05/17/2018
So many beautiful dresses! I worked with Anna and she was so cheerful and excited to help me find THE dress. They worked with my budget and helped me get the dress of my dreams in my price range! We met the owner when purchasing my dress and she just made you feel comfortable and welcomed in her store.
Kristen Barros from Brides by the Falls
on 04/04/2018
I had a wonderful experience and Jennifer was so great! I was able to make an appointment with easy and tried on my dream dress and was able to go over little changes I wanted to make! Can’t wait to see what it all looks like when the alterations are all done!
Taylor from Moreland Hills, Ohio
on 02/21/2018
Coming into the shop is like a spa experience - it is so calm and relaxing and both Jamie and Jennifer are the sweetest. I am so happy that I found my dress at BBTF as I feel it truly is the best place for bridal in Cleveland and it means a lot when the staff is trustworthy, kind and amazing to work with. I can rest easy knowing my dress is with them and know I am in good hands!
Mauni from Cleveland
on 01/24/2018
I had the BEST dress shopping experience here! Jaime and Jennifer went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my dress. They made my mom and I feel extremely special, and they truly showed us the best customer service. As soon as I was measured, they checked on their stock and inventory, and confirmed how quickly I could have my dress shipped! I'm so glad I was able to say "yes" to my dress here! Thank you ladies! For any bride, mother of the bride, or bridesmaids looking around, I highly recommend stopping here :)
Alexa Hall from Brides by the Falls in Chagrin Fall
on 12/03/2017
I had an amazing experience at Brides by the Falls. My day was so special and Jennifer made me feel so comfortable. I absolutely love the dress I bought and can't wait to wear it on my big day! I would recommend Brides by the Falls to anyone looking for a wedding gown. Thank you for making my experience so enjoyable and easy.
Erika Lahti from Chagrin Falls
on 11/19/2017
You guys are awesome!!! I found the dress of my dreams at an amazing location. Brides By The Falls is welcoming, fun, and caring place.
Katie D. from Arlington, VA
on 11/14/2017
My visit to Brides by the Fall was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I couldn't have imagined a better experience! Jamie was so nice and accommodating to our group (mom, aunt, cousins) even giving us glasses for the champagne we brought! Jamie was extremely understanding and patient with my first time trying indecisiveness and helping me pick out many different styles and cuts to get an idea for what fit best. She was very intuitive and really had an eye for what might look best. The dresses at the shop were very high quality and offered a wide variety of styles. I would highly recommend Brides by the Fall and working with Jamie to anyone who is looking for a dress!
Elyette Yert from Chagrin Falls
on 10/11/2017
This was the second place I stopped to look at dresses. I loved the small boutique feel right when you walk in. I also really enjoyed how I was able to walk around and pick out dresses myself. The owner understood the process and was extremely personable, easy going and helpful. That made my experience really great!
Grace Koehl from Chagrin Falls
on 10/07/2017
I loved Brides by the Falls so much that I did not want to go anywhere else! I really appreciate that they were able to spend a lot of time helping me find the perfect dress and that I never felt rushed and that there was no pressure to make any big decisions right away! They were flexible, professional, and have such an elegant selection of wedding dresses.
Anna Barnes from New York City
on 10/01/2017
INCREDIBLE experience. The Brides By The Falls team is so professional and really made the dress finding process fun and enjoyable. I wasn't sure I'd find my dream dress in Cleveland but I couldn't be happier to work with such an amazing team for my dress and alterations