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Taylor from Rochester
on 11/08/2023
I feel very confident working with Fatima! Her showroom and dresses are beautiful and she is very personable. I just ordered my dress with her and am very excited :)
Valentina Munno from Silk bridal in Fairport
on 10/04/2023
Fatima is a absolute angel ?? she helped me find the perfect and I mean PERFECT dress for my wedding day. She’s an amazing sales woman as well and knows her stuff ????
Emily Gerace from 1900 Clinton Ave South Rochester, NY
on 07/29/2023
From beginning to end my experience at Silk was amazing! Fatima was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and made me feel so special and Mary was so patient and helpful when answering any questions that I had. I wish I could do this all over again to relive this incredible experience that the team at Silk provided!
on 03/11/2023
Mackenzie was amazing. Very helpful, sweet and easy to work with. They had a wide variety of dresses and styles.
on 02/26/2023
Absolutely wonderful experience. They went over and beyond to make us feel special and really cared about making us happy. We recommend them highly!
Taylor from Rochester
on 10/17/2022
My whole experience at Silk was wonderful!!! Fatima could not have been more patient, sweet & accommodating. She made the experience so enjoyable & memorable… Absolutely recommend to anyone!!
Jordan Retan from Brighton
on 08/29/2022
The Silk team is a dream to work with. They are so accommodating & knowledgeable. Thank you!!
Emily S
on 06/27/2022
The Silk team was absolutely amazing!! They made the entire experience stress-free and fun from start to finish.
Rachael Peggs from Rochester
on 05/06/2022
The Silk team was absolutely amazing. They were very informative and helped me find my style without rushing me.
Renee from Fairport NY
on 03/19/2022
The Silk team was a joy to work with. I valued their opinions and honesty about the dresses I was trying on. I was very stressed because I hadn’t had much luck finding the right dress. I absolutely love the dress I chose from Silk!
Krystine Quigley from Brighton, NY
on 02/16/2022
I couldn’t be happier with my gown and the whole experience I had at Silk. It was such a special moment with my mom and grandma, I can’t thank you all enough!
Angela D. from Rochester, NY
on 02/01/2022
I drove an hour to Silk Bridal Boutique and was so impressed. From the staff and atmosphere, it was such a welcoming experience. I described what I wanted and was helped 100% of the way. I highly recommended this bridal boutique!
Erin from Silk
on 01/22/2022
I worked with Silk three times and each time they were professional but also gave honest opinions when asked! They never made me feel pressured, just created a space for me to try on lots of different things and find out what I loved. They have an amazing selection of gowns.
Kristi Richardson from Brighton NY
on 12/07/2021
My experience at Silk was so great! Fatima helped me with everything and she knew exactly what to do. She was the perfect mix of kind, helpful but not over bearing. She knows how to do her job well!
on 12/02/2021
If I could rate more than 5 stars, I would! I had the best time at Silk Bridal Boutique! Jazmin is responsible for helping me find my dream dress. She heard me explain what I liked, and she picked the perfect dress for me. She had amazing energy and the whole staff was super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend all brides-to-be check out their impressive inventory of the most beautiful dresses. I can't wait to wear my dress on my special day!
Melissa Roberts from Rochester, NY
on 11/29/2021
Jasmine was amazing! Such a great experience!
Christina Tramontanis from Corning, NY
on 11/17/2021
My appointment was with Silk and my experience was absolutely amazing! The owner, Fatima, stopped by to tell me how beautiful I looked. After talking, we realized we shared many cultural influences. I have so much respect for her pride in tailoring and business. The store has many options for ever bride out there including styles and price ranges. If I could rate Silk 10 stars I absolutely would!
Angela Wesley from Fairport, NY
on 11/04/2021
My appointment at Silk Bridal provided the exact kind of experience you hope for when shopping for a wedding dress. It was exactly what you want out of a nerve-wracking experience, and I will continue to highly recommend them to future brides!
Hannah Brennan from Rochester
on 11/01/2021
I wouldn't have gone anywhere else! My two older sisters also got their dresses from Silk, seeing how the team at Silk took care of them and helped them find the perfect dress, their was no choice for me, I knew I had to go to Silk as well! Their team is a huge reason we all got our dresses from Silk and will keep recommending Silk to other brides in the future! Thanks again!
on 07/16/2021
I can’t say enough positive things about Silk Bridal Boutique! Their dresses are incredible quality and are absolutely beautiful - I fell in love with every single one I tried on. I already cannot wait to go back for my fittings! My experience with Silk has been nothing short of amazing. Truly cannot recommend them enough!!??
on 06/06/2021
The team was amazing and made me feel like an absolute princess!! I would recommend this bridal shop to anyone and everyone.
Kristina Donovan from Fairport
on 06/02/2021
I had a wonderful experience there. Silk helped me pick out the dress of my dreams. Their staff was very kind and patient with myself and my bride tribe that tagged along.
Courtney from Rochester
on 02/22/2021
I had the most beautiful experience at Silk. Each dress pulled was incredible and I really feel like I was heard and understood when describing the style of dress and overall vibe I was going for. They went above and beyond to help me find the dress I fell in love with.
Carli Sterling from Utica, NY
on 02/09/2021
I felt like a true princess. From start to end it was so much fun, I really could not have had a better experience. Thank you so much!
Marianne Schumacher from Saratoga Springs
on 02/08/2021
The experience at Silk Bridal was AMAZING! The dresses there are gorgeous and they made you feel so comfortable. I felt so special the whole time and they made the process so easy. At first I was overwhelmed but they helped me find my dream dress! Thank you!
Kassie from Silk Bridal Boutique
on 02/03/2021
I was incredibly overwhelmed and intimidated by the idea of choosing a wedding dress. Silk was a great experience and I found the perfect dress! From the variety of dresses to the wonderful people this is a top notch bridal boutique. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you for everything!
Destiny Valentin from Rochester NY
on 01/24/2021
I had the best experience at Silk Bridal. The Silk team was courteous, patient and mindful through the whole process. They made me feel comfortable trying on dresses and made sure to listen to exactly what I wanted from style to price. I can honestly say I loved every dress in some way but with their help I was able to find “the one”. I can’t thank them enough!! Thank you Silk Bridal!!
Natalie from Rochester
on 12/31/2020
Had such a great experience and found my perfect dress.
Tiffany Carrozzi from Hilton, venue in Canandaigua
on 12/27/2020
Wow. I knew I was missing something at the three other stores I went to.. and it was the experience and the perfect dress. They listened to what I liked, where our venue was, what my reservations with previous dresses were, and pulled five dresses that were all what I was looking for. With each dress, we pinpointed why it wasn’t the one until the very last dress and that was it. She knew how to pin it so I could get the right feel for what it would look like on me, gave her honest opinion on each dress without being pushy or dramatic which could sway people’s opinions, and understood our budget. The champagne toast at the end was a nice touch also.
Alyssa Hickey from Webster
on 12/17/2020
I had the most amazing experience - from the second I walked in the door I felt comfortable. Our entire experience was relaxed and fun. The team did an amazing job at learning and listening to my style and their picks were phenomenal. I had other bridal shop visits scheduled that I can now cancel.
Brittany Broussard from Rochester, Ny
on 12/03/2020
I was one of those little girls who planned their wedding from the moment I could speak. As luck would have it, my engagement came in the midst of COVID. COVID-19 removed much of my wedding planning excitement, until I met my bridal consultant. I am forever grateful for my referral to Silk Bridal! After the wedding, I may never take my dress off!
Kristy Hallowell from South Clinton ave
on 12/01/2020
Great assistance with picking out dresses and giving me a bunch of styles to choose from. They picked out a dress that I ended up adoring and bought for my wedding day!
Denise Newman from Greece NY
on 11/14/2020
What a wonderful experience!! I come from a bridal background and I was so pleased to know that I had nothing to be nervous about. They listened to my needs and picked the perfect dress, as a matter of fact it was the first dress I tried on. I never felt rushed or pressured into making a decision. Thank you for knowing what true customer service is.
Katie Peters from S Clinton Ave.
on 10/25/2020
Wedding dress shopping at Silk was the most wonderful experience. They made me feel so comfortable and EVERY SINGLE dress was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t have had a better day! Thank you so much!!!
Jennifer Moody from Rochester
on 10/16/2020
The Silk team was so wonderful! They are so down-to-Earth and honest, which was so appreciated. The staff and Fatima accommodated my schedule so much which was really helpful being from out of town. The dresses at Silk are truly top notch. I am so excited, everything is absolutely perfect thanks to them!
Amanda Siebert
on 09/25/2020
Had the most amazing experience! It was painless and loved every minute of it! You guys are the best!!!
Lindsay O'connor
on 09/20/2020
What an experience!!!! I was one of the July contest winners and although I walked in knowing I would not spend a dime, they treated me as if I were spending thousands!! Fatima, the owner, took her time to come and introduce herself to me, congratulate me on winning and compliment me in the dress that I picked for my special day! Top notch service at this boutique and would highly recommend!
Hannah Harris from Silk Bridal
on 09/05/2020
I felt so comfortable and like they really understood what kind of dresses I wanted to see. Truly a wonderful experience! Anyone looking for a dress must come here!!!!
Julia R from Rochester
on 08/29/2020
Silk was wonderful to work with. They listened to what I liked & what I didn’t like, and we found THE dress! I fell in love with my wedding dress and I cant wait to wear it on the big day. Thank you so much, this was such an amazing experience!
Sara from Rochester
on 08/19/2020
We had a wonderful experience and I was very impressed with the selection and pricing. I had been to 4 or 5 other stores and ended up choosing a dress at Silk. The staff was lovely and really made my family feel involved in the process.
Breanna Knab
on 08/19/2020
This was the first place I went to look for dresses. The team was so helpful and took the time to get to know me and what I was really interested in. They also did not make me feel pressured to get a dress the day I was there, which was reassuring. The overall experience was stress free and would recommend anyone to Silk.
Rachel from Rochester, NY
on 07/29/2020
My entire Silk experience was absolutely amazing. I found my dress right away. Such a beautiful boutique and so professional and clean. So happy I went here!
Lauren from Rochester ny
on 07/15/2020
I felt special throughout the whole process. My stylist was the most knowledgeable, understanding, and caring consultant I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. My dress is one of my dreams!
Cara from Rochester
on 07/11/2020
I recently attended one of the sample sales at silk Bridal. This was my first experience dress shopping, and what an experience it was! I was very impressed with the selection I was able to choose from. My stylist was SO helpful. I grabbed a few dresses off the rack and my stylist knew exactly the look I was going for. She was able to grab me multiple different dresses that went exactly with my style. I felt so comfortable during my experience from start to end. Fatima met with me at the end of my appointment and helped pin me in. Before I knew it I was saying yes to my dress!! The sample sale helped me find a dress of my dreams and saved my budget tremendously. I am so satisfied with the service I received during my experience. Thank you to the beautiful women at Silk Bridal for helping me find the dress of my dreams, effortlessly.
Brittany from Rochester
on 07/04/2020
The absolute BEST experience I ever could’ve asked for. Fantastic staff and beyond beautiful dresses! Highly recommend Silk!
Ellie Swan from Rochester
on 07/03/2020
They made my experience wonderful. Silk Bridal is one of the top bridal shops in Rochester. I would recommend them to anybody!
on 07/03/2020
Silk was amazing! They were patient, kind and never made me feel rushed or pressured. I could not have asked for a better bridal consultant! I also love my dress!
Becky from Rochester
on 07/02/2020
Every dress was beautiful. You had many choices in the style I had in mind. The store itself was elegant and inviting.
Shelby O’Rourke from Alfred, NY
on 07/02/2020
I had the best appointment with Kendra! It was my first and only dress appointment. She really listened to what I liked most about each dress and made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world regardless of the dress I had on. Kendra truly is one of a kind. I can’t wait to wear MY dress on my special day.
Leann from 1900 S Clinton Ave
on 06/29/2020
My appointment Silk Bridal was the most amazing experience! The whole staff was so nice and helpful. Highly recommend!