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Amy Forrest from Marietta, GA
on 07/18/2018
Loved working with our consultant Shanna! She was so great and really made me feel special! And also when I called to make the appointment, Daniel was unbelievably nice - I asked for him to be my consultant right away. My experience was overall outstanding!
Monica from Easy Cobb
on 07/18/2018
My appointment here was the best so far. Daniel made me feel at ease and was really helpful.
Jamye from Atlanta
on 07/06/2018
Loved everything about my experience. Thanks so much! Dasha was awesome.
Jordan Carroll from MARIETTA
on 06/28/2018
I absolutely loved Daniel. He was great at helping me figure out my style and I ended up finding my dress in 45 minutes. I was expecting this process to be long and dreadful, based off the horror stories I read online. But, Daniel made it incredibly easy! I will definitely be recommending this salon to any future brides!
Kayla Yerden from Atlanta
on 06/25/2018
Julia was WONDERFUL. She understood was I was looking for, made my mom and I feel so welcome and comfortable, communicated well, knew so much about the dresses. I honestly can’t think of anything she could have done better. She really cares about what she does and does it with excellence. A keeper for sure!
on 06/22/2018
Wonderful staff who makes you feel special and unique!
Allison Kwan from East Cobb
on 06/21/2018
Jessica was amazing! She was so helpful and sweet which made the experience so much better. I had an idea of what dress I had in mind but she brought a different style out which blew my mind. It was so beautiful, everyone in the store was complimenting me and my jaw was on the floor. I didn't buy the dress yesterday because we went over the appointment time and I had to leave to drive my parents to the airport but I will be back soon to buy it! Thank you Jessica and Bel Fiore for the wonderful experience!
Joy Bauerband from Marietta
on 06/17/2018
I had such a great experience buying my dress at Bel Fiore!! They have a great selection of dresses to choose from and the customer service was exceptional! I would highly recommend shopping here before anywhere else!
Katelyn Thompson from Alexandria,VA
on 06/15/2018
Rhonda was FANTASTIC!!!! I really appreciated her patience with myself and my guests. She basically let me try on the store and I found my dream dress!!!! Everyone was very supportive and encouraging and willing to go the extra mile. I was even able to text Rhonda with a concern well after they closed and she responded with such positivity! Thank you ladies for doing what you do!
Hannah Barnett from Marietta
on 06/10/2018
Julia was so helpful. We had a great time and have a dress in the running! Thanks so much!
Kaleigh Blessard from Atlanta
on 05/29/2018
My consultant (Rhonda) was amazing. She was excellent at evaluating my style and what I was looking for and helped me find many dresses that I loved and looked great on me. She was super supportive!!!
Eileen Mirynowski
on 05/28/2018
My stylist made all the difference, she heard what I liked and made incredible recommendations. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, it was everything I hoped it would be.
Haley Hicks from East Cobb
on 05/27/2018
Julia made the experience enjoyable and personalized. Everything was perfect.
Jennifer Tomlinson from Marietta
on 05/24/2018
Daniel was absolutely wonderful! My appointment at Bel Fiore was one of the best I have had thus far.
Anonymous from East Cobb
on 05/19/2018
All the girls were nice and helpful, even if they were helping someone else! They had a good select of dresses and having your own area so you’re friends can sit and watch was amazing!
on 05/17/2018
Daniel was very patient and fabulous. I felt very special as he went out of his way to ensure I was content.
Molly Wills
on 05/14/2018
This place was awesome and our consultant Dasha was fantastic and didn't get frustrated with me at all.
Alex Myles from Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA
on 05/12/2018
Daniel and the other ladies were wonderful!!! He was extremely attentive and listened to what I was looking for. Great experience! I am now just tying to decide between two dresses!
Lauren Davis from Marietta, Georgia
on 04/30/2018
Julia was fantastic! I cannot say enough good things about her or this beautiful little bridal shop. Staff was so hopeful and knowledgeable and I left with the perfect dress!
on 04/27/2018
Daniel was was awesome! He was super fun and very helpful!!
Courtney Drewski from Marietta
on 04/27/2018
Julia was outstanding. She was able to figure out exactly what I wanted and was able to keep me under budget. She made wedding dress shopping so easy.
Luisa Estrada
on 04/22/2018
Julia Holley made my experience so much better. She was very helpful and I was surprised to have a sales associate that spoke Spanish. It made my time even more special to have someone that could communicate with my mom so that we could all share my special moment. Thanks Julia! I'm happy to have found my dress!
Audrienne Ector from Smyrna, GA
on 04/14/2018
My appointment at Bel Fiore could not have gone better. My stylist, Julia, was informative, honest and funny. She put us at ease and made the dress and accessories buying decisions super easy. Thank you for a great experience!
Lauren Barnette from Marietta, GA
on 04/02/2018
WE had an amazing experience at Bel Fiore! Dasha was INCREDIBLE. She was very helpful with dresses and making sure the brides opinion was heard. Would recommend Bel Fiore to any bride looking for a dress.
Marika Manuud from Marietta
on 04/01/2018
I had the most incredible time at Bel Fiore. I went with my mom, and we had a great experience with the store and our consultant, Rhonda. Rhonda always gave her honest opinion and catered to my needs. She really listened to what I liked and found incredible dresses for me to try on. I had visited other wedding stores before and liked home of the dresses, but at Bel Fiore I loved and couldn't decide between 4 dresses! The collection is amazing. In the 2 hours I was there, I saw numerous brides say yes to the dress. Bel Fiore is a definite must for all brides!
Jennifer Holmes from Birmingham, AL
on 03/31/2018
This salon had so many choices for all sizes. I felt so comfortable and had such a great experience. Daniel was absolutely wonderful and cannot thank him enough for the best appointment.
Tiffany Edmondson from Calhoun GA
on 03/27/2018
Awesome experience. Would recommend them to anyone who is getting married.
Rachel from Athens
on 03/26/2018
I had a wonderful experience here. Even though I did not end up purchasing a dress here since they did not carry the one my heart was set on, the people were wonderful. Once they picked up on the fact that I couldn't get the other dress out of my head, they encouraged me to go with my heart and weren't pushy. I really appreciated it.
Junia Nerette from Atlanta,Ga
on 03/26/2018
Best experience ever. I wish I came here first. You all made me feel so special and most of all I found my dress thank you so much !!!!
Rebekah Goforth from Mornigside
on 03/11/2018
Fantastic experience from start to finish! Daniel was an amazing consultant. He picked up on my style immediately and was able to magically find the perfect dress for me. I was very impressed with the entire salon. I will highly recommend Bel Fiore to every bride I know.
Gloria Ackers from Atlanta
on 03/05/2018
I had a great experience at my recent visit to Bel Fiore. My consultant Dasha was sweet, patient, and very helpful. She was really attentive to what I liked and didn't like which ultimately helped me choose a dress that me and my family loved. The other ladies in the bridal salon were also very helpful and complimentary. I would definitely recommend this bridal salon!
Alexis Oubre from Cobb
on 03/04/2018
Julia was incredible to work with. Patient, kind, and reassuring. She handled our group well and was very helpful.
Bryanna Stewart from Atlanta
on 03/04/2018
Dasha was excellent!
on 03/01/2018
Wonderful experience. Enthusiastic staff who created a memorable experience. Thank you!
Madison Lesniewski from Marietta, Georgia
on 02/25/2018
Didn't really know if I was planning on finding my dress or not the day I went. But i did! and I got super lucky having Ms. Rhonda help me she was the absolute best and her and this other girl helped me discover THE dress (most perfect long sleeve ever), thank you guys so much for the experience. Everyone there makes you feel like all eyes are on you when trying on dresses and it is AWESOME! I loved all the compliments and I would definitely recommend everyone at least making one appointment when looking for their dress!
Luisa Munoz from Marietta
on 02/25/2018
All the dresses I saw were beautiful. I told Dasha the type of dress I was looking for and she did a phenomenal job helping me.
Katie Roberts from Marietta
on 02/22/2018
Dress selection is amazing--SO many options and styles to choose from! Daniel was awesome to work with and I can't wait until my dress comes in! :)
Victoria Wissman from Bel Fiore
on 02/19/2018
Bel Fiore was probably the best experience of all the stores I went to. The store is very welcoming for the bride and her guests and provides a comfortable area for the guests to ooo and awe at each gown. Rhonda was so straightforward and honest and I appreciated everything she did for us! Although I didn't end up finding my dress there, I really enjoyed every moment of my time at Bel Fiore !
Jennifer Millholland from Cobb County
on 02/11/2018
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Rhonda found me the dress of my dreams!
Christine Nguyen from Atlanta
on 02/05/2018
My mom and I had a great time at Bel Fiore thanks to Rhonda. She made us feel super comfortable and I never felt rushed getting into dresses like I did at other shops for some reason. The atmosphere was also really calming which made the experience nice and relaxing. Rhonda was also straight forward about the pricing and alterations which was so helpful.
Elizabeth Davis from Adairsville, GA
on 02/04/2018
Rhonda was the best stylist I could have asked for during my first bridal appointment! We weren't able to make it back in today to take advantage of the $100 off, but I hope to schedule another appointment. She listen to everything I had to say and pulled gorgeous gowns! Thank you, Rhonda!!!
on 01/28/2018
My consultant did a great job helping me pick out my dress today
Sara Hamilton from Roswell, GA
on 01/13/2018
Julia was so patient and helped me find the dress I was looking for at Bel Fiore. She was so kind and easy to work with.
Rebecca Smith from Marietta, GA
on 12/31/2017
I had the greatest experience at Bel Fiore! My consultant, Julia, really went above and beyond to ensure that I tried on a variety of dresses while still keeping my vision and budget in mind. She was excellent and accommodating, making the experience for myself, as well as my family, easy and fun. She gave us her undivided attention and made sure that everyone was comfortable. Ultimately, Bel Fiore has a vast selection of dresses that are beautiful, unique, and reasonably priced. I walked away with the most beautiful dress, and I cannot wait for my wedding day!
Esther Choi
on 12/31/2017
Jennifer and Nikki were amazing. Their service was beyond our expectation with great feedbacks. We were able to find the perfect dress and the tux:) Thank you for being so nice and helpful!
Tia Perkins
on 12/29/2017
Shanna was amazing and I only spoke to her on the phone a few months prior to my appointment to express my concern at being a plus size bride (street 18). She sent me an email with the lines you carried and we talked about which dresses I liked and she made an effort to say she could make sure certain dresses would be in the store if I had my eye on any particularly! I was so much more confident after my correspondence with her and was amazed by the responsiveness of the emails months before I even stepped foot in the shop. Elizabeth my consultant was LOVELY, she was accommodating and sweet and listened to what I liked and gave great feedback! She never made me feel uncomfortable and was so considerate about my wants and needs. The details in service is top notch! From the name on the plate when you get to your dressing room, to asking if my mother in law wants water, to the flower hooks on dresses we liked; it was a dream experience! Being a plus size bride there is always worry about options of dresses and the service you will receive and this was above and beyond my expectations. LOVED every second!
Isa Tavares from Marieta
on 12/24/2017
Love love Love Julia! Such a sweet girl and very helpful too!!
Jessie Prenger from Atlanta
on 12/23/2017
Great selection of dresses!
Desiree Spring from Bel Fiore, Marietta, Ga
on 12/21/2017
Awesome experience! Beautiful dress selection! Really felt like they knew exactly what I wanted! I ended up picking one of the dresses my stylist picked out & im in love with it! Thank you guys so much for this wonderful expierence!
Shanedyra Donate from Atlanta, Ga
on 12/19/2017
Beautiful salon, very affodable. The staff was nice and Jessica was amazing. I will be purchasing my dress from here.