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Makisha Dawson from Atlanta, Georgia
on 04/03/2024
MK was so attentive and knowledgeable about all the dresses in the store. He gave some great recommendations and I found myself surprised by the final selection! I highly recommend Bel Fiore to every bride in Atlanta. The entire staff were so friendly and helpful. Thank you Bel Fiore!!
Arabela Southerland from Marietta
on 04/03/2024
Absolutely amazing place! Bought my wedding dress the same day! Anna made me feel so beautiful. Highly recommend.
Rachel Lockhart from Marietta
on 03/21/2024
I felt so welcome and comfortable there and had such a good time finding my wedding dress. Amaya was wonderful. Thank you all so much!!
Sarah Dunbar from Atlanta
on 03/20/2024
Loved our experience here! So many beautiful dresses, pretty accessories, and wonderful staff! I can’t remember the name of my consultant, but he was fabulous!
Amber Bingham from Valley, AL
on 03/17/2024
Sidney was amazing! She facilitated a wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations!
Allison Smith from Marietta
on 03/16/2024
Loved MK!! He was so awesome- I didn’t feel pressured but he was so polite and hyped me up! He gave me so many options to make the dresses most comfortable for me. He was inclusive of my body type and shape and made me feel beautiful in my own skin! I felt well informed the whole time and I felt like he was really listening to me. I will be recommending him to others!
Chantel Grey from Marietta
on 02/26/2024
Great experience with Amy ! She helped me narrow my choices to figure out what style I liked best. Overall I enjoyed everything about this store !
Peyton Hamilton
on 02/25/2024
Anna was very friendly and a great stylist. She was personable with me and took time to get to know what I liked and me. I highly recommend Bel Fiore and Anna.
Emma Mathis from Bel Fiore in Marietta GA
on 01/24/2024
Amy helped me and she was absolutely amazing, she actually picked out the dress I said yes to. The selection in store is incredible, no matter what style you are looking for I bet you they have it. So impressed with the service and selection. 10/10!!
Caralyn Ordonez
on 01/20/2024
Bel Fiore as a whole is truly incredible and amazing place! All of the staff seem very welcoming and want to help in whatever way possible. Amaya is the absolute BEST!!! Please give her my thanks and appreciation, and even give that girl a raise! She is simply phenomenal. She made me feel so comfortable, she is so easy to talk to and helped me make decisions and go through the whole process. She also bonded so well with my family and friends that were there. We absolutely loved her personality and truly had the best experience I could’ve ever imagined!
Carolina Carreno from Marieta
on 01/15/2024
My experience at Bel Fiore Bridal was nothing short of amazing, and I can't express how grateful I am to have worked with Nikki. From the moment I walked in, Nikki's warm and friendly demeanor put me at ease. Trying on wedding dresses turned into a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. Nikki's expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the process. She not only listened attentively to my preferences but also made the entire journey feel personalized. Nikki's commitment to body positivity made a significant impact on me. She created a supportive and uplifting atmosphere, making me feel confident and beautiful in every dress I tried on. What set Nikki apart was her genuine interest in understanding my vision for the perfect wedding dress. It was clear that she wasn't just there to sell dresses; she was genuinely invested in making sure I found the gown that resonated with me. The lack of pressure and rush during my appointment allowed me to savor every moment of this special experience. Nikki's attention to detail was impeccable. She took the time to get to know me, and it reflected in the thoughtful selection of dresses she pulled for me to try on. It was like she had a magical ability to understand exactly what I was looking for. Bel Fiore Bridal, thanks to Nikki's exceptional service, has not only exceeded my expectations but has left an indelible mark on my journey to finding the perfect wedding dress. I wholeheartedly recommend Bel Fiore Bridal to any bride-to-be seeking a personalized, supportive, and joyful dress shopping experience. Thank you, Nikki, and the entire team at Bel Fiore Bridal, for making this chapter of my wedding preparations truly special!
Dana Milliner from Marietta
on 01/14/2024
Absolutely Amazing!! My consultant Anna was everything!! She made this best experience ever! She was very knowledgeable and personable. I am so happy I was able to find my wedding dress here. Bel Fiore had a wide variety of dresses for me to try. The entire process was organized and not overwhelming.
Karissa Campbell from Johnson Ferry
on 01/14/2024
MK was so wonderful! He really made this very shy bride confident in her choice and at ease with the gown shopping process. He is wonderful!
Kierra Higgins from Marietta
on 01/09/2024
I loved my experience here! They made me feel so special and my stylist was absolutely wonderful! She helped me know which dresses made me feel the most beautiful, and she was so patient with me as I didn’t realize I went over time when trying on the dresses. I loved having our own area in the store too. It was such a great experience!
Katie Dang from Marietta
on 12/29/2023
The first bridal appointment but didn't leave with disappointment. Amaya was so helpful. She made me feel like she was one of my bridesmaids. We had a connection!!! The website said no appointment available but I was glad that I called because I would have missed knowing her and having her as a guide to find the dress. She was so helpful, nice and fun! She matched your energy! She assisted me as soon as I got there (15 minutes earlier than the appointment) and didn't rush me out even though we were like 20 minutes past the scheduled time. I love the entire experience there. Highly recommend booking early appointment so you have the whole store for yourself! and ALWAYS ASK FOR AMAYA!!
Maxine Bier
on 12/28/2023
MK was absolutely wonderful!! He was so helpful and just such a pleasure to work with!! While I'm still deciding on which dress is the one, I had the best experience at Bel Fiore with MK!
Carisa Lavender from Roswell
on 11/28/2023
I had an amazing time trying on dresses! My consultant was patient, observant, attentive and honest. She definitely created a great experience. I’m still deciding but I’m definitely purchasing from Bel Fiore! Go there , you’ll love it ????
Geraldine Victor from Marietta
on 11/28/2023
My first wedding dress shopping experience was AMAZING! My bridal consultant, Ana was very attentive, patient, fun and not pushy at all. She helped calm my nerves (idk why I was nervous to begin with) She took the time to get to know what I was looking for (although I was quite prepared lol) I like that she encouraged me to go for styles that weren’t on my list at first just to get a feel for things and I did just that and ended up loving a few pieces I picked up that I originally didn’t think I would like. She was very knowledgeable about the dresses and got me all the information I needed about time frames on dress arrivals etc which was very helpful. Overall, my experience was wonderful! 5 stars all the way and I would definitely recommend this bridal boutique for sure. It was such a peaceful environment which I wanted (visited on a early Monday afternoon) and again, my consultant was very attentive which is also what I was looking for
Michelle Ni from New York
on 11/27/2023
MK and the team were AMAZING! This was my very first bridal appointment, and MK made me feel so comfortable, reassured, understood and beautiful. I could not have asked for a better fairy godmother! I highly recommend coming to Bel Fiore
Jackie Reitzes from Bel Fiore E Cobb
on 11/26/2023
MK is the most wonderful facilitator of bridal joy! He helped us with dresses and kept the whole experience light and lovely. I would recommend Bel Fiore to anyone.
Charlie Marie Jones from Marietta GA
on 11/25/2023
Such a perfect experience! My consultant was Amaya and she was bubbly and welcoming! She made me and my mom feel right at home and took the time to listen to my vision for the “perfect” gown. As a plus size bride, I was beyond anxious about dress shopping but that all went out the window within minutes. So happy that I said “yes to the dress” !
Danielle Bayles from Atlanta
on 11/25/2023
This was such an amazing and fun experience! I received such an honest and professional consultation from Amy and am looking forward to making my final decision on my dress in the next few weeks!
Jennifer Moeller
on 11/06/2023
I had a wonderful experience. Jeff did such a good job listening to me and also understanding my vision better than I did. He made me feel beautiful and his dress picks were my favorite! 10/10 recommend Jeff!
Addie Fullerton from Marietta (Johnson Ferry)
on 11/06/2023
Hadley was such a wonderful consultant and she really made me feel special when we came to shop! It was my first time wedding dress shopping, and as a plus size girl I was so nervous. But there was a very nice selection to choose from and Hadley was incredible! She helped make every dress fit me as well as it could! I am so grateful to have found my perfect dress at Bel Fiore
Stephanie Damas from Marietta
on 10/21/2023
Nikki was amazing. She made my experience one for the books. She is now my bridal consultant standard. I could’ve stayed in Bel Fiore all day. I appreciated how she asked me questions and took time to understand where I was as a bride. She also helped me feel excited and engaged. She gave me a safe space behind the curtain and worked very well with my family that came with me. She was absolutely great! I would give her 10 stars! If i buy a dress from Bel Fiore, it’s because of Nikki.
Ellen Ramsey from East cobb
on 10/19/2023
Amazing experience! Amy was knowledgeable and very helpful on different dress styles. Dresses were great material and a wide variety. Highly recommend this bridal shop.
Molly Rea from East Cobb
on 10/08/2023
I had such a lovely time at Bel Fiore Bridal. Our consultant Anna made sure that I felt completely comfortable and was having fun! It was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I had so much fun! I loved getting to walk around and choose dresses to try on and Anna picked some show stoppers after listening to my likes and dislikes while trying on. All in all it was a lovely experience and I would recommend to all current and future brides!
Carrie Bohannon from St. Augustine, FL
on 10/04/2023
MK was so much fun to work with! He was knowledgeable, supportive, and managed my guests so my appointment moved along and my wishes weren’t overshadowed. I had been to several shops before Bel Fiore, and I was so stressed that I wouldn’t find my perfect dress. MK made me feel at ease immediately, and with his help I found my dream dress and veil. We had a lot of laughs along the way too. It was truly a delight to shop at Bel Fiore.
Heather Feldstein from Marietta, GA
on 10/01/2023
Amazing experience! Thanks, MK for a great day.
Katelyn Castelli from Marietta, GA
on 09/27/2023
We really appreciated the great attention to detail and personal help we were given by Rene! She also made us feel good about Bel Fiore overall because she was able to order us a dress that was in stock and estimated to come in within a few weeks, whereas we had other shops say they wouldn't be able to get a dress for 4-6 months. We bought the dress at Bel Fiore!
Madison Smith from Marietta
on 09/11/2023
Jeff was amazing!!! So nice and fun to shop with!! Found my dress on my first fitting
Elizabeth from Marietta, Ga
on 09/08/2023
I was very happy with my experience. I did not leave with a dress but I will be back as I narrowed it down. I had no idea knowing what I wanted and my stylist was able to help me find what’s. Best for my shape and wedding.
Ashley Grant from Marietta
on 09/04/2023
MK was so helpful with helping me choose my dress! He was pleasant and friendly, and overall, he made this experience worthwhile! I recommend this place for buying your dress for the big day!
Allie Brumbelow from Rome, GA
on 08/28/2023
Loved my experience here so much and found my perfect dress! Hadley was the sweetest person ever and they are so welcoming.
Lauren Blair from Atlanta
on 08/27/2023
Best dresses I have tried on! Sidney was thoughtful with her choices and really made the day extra wonderful.
Ana Schuckers from Atlanta
on 08/20/2023
Amy was incredible! She made wedding dress shopping easy and stress free! I only went to 1 other boutique before finding Bel Fiore where my bridal party and myself could not walk around to pick out any options to try on. Here we got to look around and decide what I liked without any rush. Amy would chime in every few times for help and great advice. She is amazing and so is Bel Fiore!
Lacey Kincheloe from Marietta, GA
on 08/18/2023
Found my dream dress! The entire staff was great at helping me with my selections and got a good feel for my taste to personalize my experience
Ashley Mason from Marietta
on 08/13/2023
Today, I came for my bridal dress appointment at Bel Fiore, I had Jeff as my bridal consultant. Jeff was wonderful! He helped me feel so comfortable during the process. He listened to what I liked and made suggestions when needed. I can’t say enough good things about Jeff! He even let us have a little extra time at the end of my appointment to try on all the accessories with the dress I ended up saying yes too. He never was pushy to try and make a sale and that made me feel confident to say yes to the dress during my first appointment. He made the whole day super special. I am on cloud nine now that I know I found my dress and I couldn’t have done it without Jeff’s help. I will recommend Bel Fiore to future brides everywhere.
Samantha Ty from Atlanta, GA
on 08/11/2023
This was my very first experience dress shopping for my wedding in October 2024, and Amy was phenomenal! I tried on very different dress styles that were in my wedding aesthetic/Pinterest mood board that I didn't even think of, and ended up liking so many different styles. Bel Fiore can be super busy but I definitely felt taken care of and it was a personalized experience. I was able to hone in on what type of dress suits me the best and suits my wedding theme the best. Even if I didn't pick *the one*, I'm highly recommending Bel Fiore for brides to stop by.
Carrie Bohannon from St. Augustine, FL
on 08/11/2023
MK was so much fun to work with! He was knowledgeable, supportive, and managed my guests so my appointment moved along and my wishes weren’t overshadowed. I had been to several shops before Bel Fiore, and I was so stressed that I wouldn’t find my perfect dress. MK made me feel at ease immediately, and with his help I found my dream dress and veil. We had a lot of laughs along the way too. It was truly a delight to shop at Bel Fiore.
Kimberly Page
on 07/29/2023
So helpful and provided and amazing and fun experience for myself, my friends, and my family!! Amy was amazing to work with and made my day super special.
Grace Coley from Marietta, GA
on 07/29/2023
I had such a wonderful first time appointment as a new bride. I was extremely nervous about the appointment, and very overwhelmed, but MK made me feel very relaxed and made it an exciting experience!
Olga Boyarshynova from Marietta, GA
on 07/25/2023
I had a great experience shopping at Bel Fiore Bridal! MK was my shopping assistant and he inquired about all the details needed to find my perfect dress. I really appreciated his upbeat attitude and his ability to provide me with a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience. He talked me through every step from selecting a gown to how everything will be shipped and arranged afterwards. I highly recommend MK and Bel Fiore Bridal to anyone looking for a quality service while shopping for bridal clothing!
Ashley Mahaffey
on 07/23/2023
MK did a phenomenal job! We had such an incredible job. We felt so comfortable and welcome. He did an excellent job helping me pick out dresses to try! MK has an incredible eye for style and matching veils to dresses! He made the process so easy and had a great time!
on 07/23/2023
I had a wonderful experience! My consultant Amy was so helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and she ultimately pulled the dress that I chose! I would highly recommend Bel Fiore for a relaxed, fun shopping experience.
Zekiya Dudley from Decatur, GA
on 07/13/2023
Any was amazing! She took the time to listen to me, and really accessed her picks based off my individual needs. I would recommend her to anyone looking for not only a dress, but an amazing experience.
Emily Suber from Marietta Store Bel Fiore
on 07/13/2023
The facility was clean and inviting. I was greeted by all sales representatives warmly and helped by Kimberly. She took careful time to listen to my wish list for a dress, and assesories. She had a lot of knowledge about how to help me find the right dress, and was very informative about expectations with ordering and such. Overall, she gave patient support and guidance to find the dress I chose. Thanks for making my experience a wonderful one!
Blake Podejko from Marietta
on 06/24/2023
Nikki was the best consultant. Especially for my first time looking at wedding dresses. She related so much to my needs and was able to pick our dresses for me based on what I was looking at. Nikki was absolutely wonderful and I’m so happy and honored that she was the one who actually picked the dress I said yes to.
Addison Bray from Marietta
on 06/11/2023
My experience at Bel Fiore was incredible. I felt completely comfortable and supported the entire time. The entire staff was cheering me on and made me fell so special! My first wedding dress shopping experience was at Bel Fiore and it will be my last because I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! I would not change a thing and I will make sure all of my engaged friends know about this salon.
Lauren Marino
on 06/02/2023
The most fun I’ve had dress shopping - Caroline is the absolute best