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Cayla Hearing from Marietta, East Cobb
on 01/21/2020
Autumn was extremely personable and helpful and I couldnt have asked for a better sales person to work with. She made it very easy to see my options and made me feel heard. She was also honest and kind with her assessments of myself in the dresses and just made the overall experience very memorable and pleasant.
Amanda Jones from Marietta
on 01/21/2020
While my perfect dress didn’t actually come from Bel Fiore, I can’t say enough about how incredible our overall experience was. The customer care, gown selections and overall process was top-notch, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for Bridal attire!
Alexa Cabrera from Marietta
on 01/20/2020
Julia was such a great help! Made the process very simple and smooth. The whole team made me feel welcome and even more excited for my big day!
Natalie Escobar from Blue Mountain Vineyards
on 01/09/2020
When I arrived at Bel Fiore I had already visited three different bridal locations! I was exhausted and ready to give up the hunt for the day. Once I started to try on gowns I realized that they had a great selection and great prices. Everyone was very helpful and patient with my family and me. I probably tried on 10 dresses before I found “the one.” My mom was the one who spotted the dress and asked if it could be taken off the mannequin. I was unaware all this was happening at the time since I was in the dressing room. To everyone’s surprise the dress fit me like a glove, like it was meant to be!! I stepped onto the platform to show my family, they all began to cry happy tears. I was in awe and didn’t want to take it off! I CANNOT wait until I get to put it back on I truly felt like a Queen. I had the best experience at Bel Fiore! I highly recommend them.
Nichole Teal from Decatur, GA
on 01/08/2020
My experience at Bel Fiore Bridal was top knotch. Autumn was such a great help and gave honest opinions which is so helpful when choosing a dress. She was very informative and the overall vibe of the store was relaxing. I felt great with trying dresses on barefoot because the floors were clean too. It was a wonderful experience and I sure other brides in the future will have good experiences too.
on 01/05/2020
I had a great experience! Ellie was so helpful and kind and helped me find a dress I love at a great price.
Cayla Graham from Marietta
on 12/30/2019
Julia was wonderful and such a huge help! She was very knowledgeable and made me feel at home. I found my dream dress and had a great time in the process!
Sherlethia Johnson from Peachtree Corners
on 12/29/2019
I had a great experience at Bel Fiore. They had a great selection of dresses and their consultants were amazing.
Lauren Repasky from Marietta
on 12/28/2019
Best experience ever! Not only is the store gorgeous, but the consultants are friendly and non-judgemental! She knew exactly the dress that I wanted after a few dresses and was able to ask the right questions to find it. I couldn't be happier!
Nichole Teal from Marietta
on 12/28/2019
August was amazing! I loved her overall vibe. She was great with understanding what I was looking for! She was great with juggling the crazy commentary that was coming from the family, while also keeping an ear out for my own comments. I also REALLY appreciated her constructive feedback when I asked. She was really knowledgeable about everything. She definitely made the experience soooo much more enjoyable.
Solange Fortes from Marietta, Georgia
on 12/27/2019
Julia helped me find my dress today and it was an awesome experience. She really listened to what I wanted and took the time to narrow down the search. The dresses are gorgeous at this bridal shop, and would definitely recommend the place to anyone looking for “The” dress for that special day!
Sydney Weissman from Marietta Location
on 12/23/2019
Ellie Hall was such a great help! She was so easy going, encouraging and on top of things! It made the process so smooth and stress free.
Ashton Harrison from Villa Rica
on 12/16/2019
Loved my appointment with Julia. She was sp helpful and truthful, which is a huge plus for me!! She pulled the gowns I really wanted to try on and we quickly found the style I was looking for. So thankful for my experience.
Samantha Stidham from Marietta, GA
on 12/14/2019
Autumn and all the ladies at this store helped me find the dress I’d been dreaming of!! Super relaxed environment, and 100% attentive and knowledgeable employees.
Jessica Intner from Marietta
on 12/01/2019
Jessie was an amazing stylist. I felt like she really listened to what I had to say and made great suggestions. I’m pretty picky so I know I made it difficult, but the environment helped me feel at ease. Ultimately I went with a dress from a different boutique, but I loved my experience at Bel Fiore. I will absolutely recommend Bel Fiore to my friends.
Heather Harman from Marietta
on 11/25/2019
My experience at the shop was amazing. Renee was super helpful and made me feel extremely comfortable and important by giving me individual attention and advice.
Darby Schwartz from Marietta, GA
on 11/23/2019
I had a wonderful experience at Belfiore with my mom, sister, grandma, and mother in law. I am happy to say that I found the perfect dress. Thank you for your incredible hospitality and assisting me in finding the dress!!
on 11/23/2019
It was such a great time! Chandler was extremely helpful and everyone was so kind. Anddd I found my dress!
Courtney Austin from 1205 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste 138 Marietta GA 30068
on 11/20/2019
Everyone was so nice at this store! Jessie was amazing, kind, and so much fun to work with! She helped me find my wedding dress!! :) “I said yes to the dress.” She was so helpful with everything and knowledgeable! She was so patient with me and my mom and never rushed us. She gave me some great ideas for my vail!
on 11/10/2019
Was a fun experience! The girl who helped me was so sweet and made me feel comfortable.
Falicia Woody from Alpharetta, GA
on 11/10/2019
I'm so happy I found this place because it had my dream dress at an AMAZING price! Autumn was my consultant, and she took excellent care of me and my family while we were there. The salon is laid out by fitted vs non-fitted which really helped because I knew I wanted fitted. Autumn let us spend as much time in each dress and let us try on as many which is good for someone as indecisive as me! We caught them when they were running a $150 off special, so that took my discounted dress from originally $1400 to $600 to $450!!! I highly recommend this place to any bride!
Sabrina Partridge-McNeil
on 11/09/2019
I had a great time. I was very nervous at first, but Chandler was very helpful and friendly. This was my very first dress appointment and I think it was a great start!
Hannah Pelt from Marietta
on 11/08/2019
Perfect! She really listened to what I wanted and worked with me to create the image I was looking for.
Katie Tatum from Dawsonville
on 11/02/2019
Julia was amazing!!!! Listened to what i liked And didn’t like. She took the time to ask questions and really get a feel for what i thought I liked! Would recommend anyone to go see Julia!!!
Sarah Smith from Smyrna, GA
on 10/29/2019
The experience of dress shopping at Bel Fiore is so unique! The layout of their store makes you feel like you're shopping in a private fitting room. There's no walking from dressing room to pedestal because your loved ones are just outside the curtain. My stylist truly got to know me throughout the appointment, kept my budget in mind from start to finish. She was able to make decisions that not only suited me perfectly but didn't pressure me to go outside of my comfort zone or price point. All the staff members are very knowledgeable and willing to work together to give each bride the best appointment possible. I would highly recommend visiting Bel Fiore!
Brittney Sheehan from Marietta
on 10/27/2019
My visit here was absolutely amazing. They had the right amount of space for each bride to try on dresses without feeling overpowered by another bride. Julia=amazing!! She even ‘made’ a custom dress for me by adding a cover to a strapless dress. It was so beautiful. She also knew exactly where each type of dress was and understood my style completely. Love love love!
Gabbi Stevens from Atlanta
on 10/19/2019
From the beginning to the end of my bridal consultation, Bel Fiore was AMAZING. To start with, every dress in the store is under $3000. The boutique is beautiful and welcoming when you walk in and so aesthetically pleasing. My consultant was phenomenal and did a great job of understanding what styles I liked and what styles would suit my body type best. The wedding dress I chose was one she picked for me, and I’m so glad she did because I never would have chosen it myself. We even walked outside in the dress to see how it would look in the light. The veil-pairing, much like the customer-service, was perfect as well! Definitely a 5-star service and a must for any wedding dress shopping!
Agata Galach from Florida
on 10/18/2019
I had a first class experience! Chandler was very helpful, giving advice and not pushy at all. A big variety of dresses and styles. Loved it!! Definitely recommending Bel Fiore
on 10/13/2019
Autumn was my dress consultant and she couldn’t have made me feel more special throughout the whole experience. I felt like I was being a burden trying to find that “perfect” dress, but she was more than willing to service me. The staff definitely understands that connecting with the bride to be is the most important. They are incredibly accommodating and I believe that happens in places where the staff genuinely cares and wants to be there to help all kinds of brides/bridal parties. Great price range and deals on dresses too!
Hannah Pitts from Marietta
on 10/06/2019
Julia was AMAZING!!! She made everything so simple and easy. I did not feel stressed at all. She was very upbeat and happy. She knew the answer to every question that we had. She gave her opinion if we had questions. She was also very helpful in choosing different options and showing alternative options.
Kate George from Atlanta
on 10/02/2019
My experience was great and it was amazing working with Chandler! She took the time to listen to my vision and did a great job in picking out dresses to fit my needs. I had some strict guidelines and even still, I felt like there was a great selection of dresses available for me to try on. The whole staff was very friendly and made me feel very special during this special time in my life!
on 09/29/2019
Everything about my Bel Fiore Bridal experience was so special and fun! My bridal crew and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved the sweet consultants and the layout of the boutique as well as the fun touches they put on things such as writing your name on the mirror and giving you flowers to put on the dresses you like! It was such a great experience.
Lauren O'malley from Johnson Ferry Road
on 09/24/2019
Chandler was extremely helpful. We found the perfect dress! We felt so welcome and expected for our appointment (there were 8 of us!!) We had so much fun and never felt pressured to find something. The online questionnaire was very helpful too. Thanks!!
Franchesca Baez from Marietta
on 09/24/2019
Loved the dresses!! The staff were really nice and professional.
Sarah Nettuno from Marietta
on 09/21/2019
Great experience! We had julia and she was great! Very fast and efficient but also special and long lasting. :)
Natalie Claggett from Atlanta
on 09/17/2019
From the beginning through the end the experience at Bel Fiore was amazing. Everyone was so helpful, but still let me have my best experience. I was so impressed with the professional nature of everyone working there. I was not able to make a final decision on the day of my appointment, but did not feel pressured to do so.
Katie Sprayberry from Marietta
on 09/14/2019
My stylist was absolutely incredible.she made it possible for me to start my appointment early and made me feel comfortable even though I was shopping alone. She helped me find that bridal feeling and make it SO easy to say yes to the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. I've never felt more beautiful and I can't wait to wear it to marry the man of my dreams in St. Lucia in January
Kristen Hughes from Kennesaw
on 08/31/2019
Julia was AMAZING!!!
Kayla Shupe from Alpharetta, GA
on 08/27/2019
Thanks to the team at Bel Fiore for making my dress shopping experience relaxed and fun!
Amanda Vann from Bel Fiore Bridal-East Cobb
on 08/26/2019
I had such a great experience at Bel Fiore! My wedding dress consultant, Chandler, and in-training dress consultant, Autumn, were amazing and so great to work with. The pricing was great and reasonable, and i loved that as a curvy girl i was able to try on all the sample dresses.
Allison B. from Atlanta, GA
on 08/20/2019
I had a fantastic time at Bel Fiore! The dresses were lovely and the assistant helping me was very kind and knowledgeable. Our favorite dress from the appointment was even one that she picked for me after I had gotten a feel for what I was looking for! Overall the service here was great and everyone was very helpful, I would definitely recommend them!
Abby from Marietta
on 08/16/2019
Bel Fiore is amazing! Jessie helped me find the perfect gown for my big day, she was great! Previously I had tried on dresses at another store and was very disappointed, but as soon as I walked in I knew I’d find the one!! The experience of picking my own gowns to try on was by far the best part. It made it so fun and the gowns to chose from we’re all stunning. Everyone in there made you feel comfortable and at home. Love this place and wish I could do it all over again! <3
Kaylee Joslin from Bel Fiore - Marietta, GA
on 08/12/2019
Jessica was amazing! Bel Fiore was the perfect experience for choosing my wedding dress. From the selection to the staff’s attention, not a single complaint can be made. I will be getting my bridesmaid dresses from here and encouraging everyone I know to go here for their bridal gown!
Hannah Reagan from Marietta
on 07/31/2019
Highly recommend booking an appointment at Bel Fiore! Not only did I find my dress but I also had the best experience doing so. Julia was absolutely amazing! I showed her a couple of dresses that I had pinned on Pinterest and she immediately knew the style that I was looking for. She pulled an amazing variety of dresses and stayed well within my budget. I didn't feel pressured to try on dresses that were above my price range and I also didn't feel pressured to buy a dress that day either (even though I did find the dress of my dreams and bought it the next day!). Everyone at Bel Fiore made it so much fun and the entire experience was the least bit stressful. I would recommend this store to anyone and everyone that's shopping for their perfect dress for their perfect day!
on 07/28/2019
The staff made this experience very comfortable for me as I was nervous about starting the process of finding my wedding dress. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere in the shop made everything feel very personalized. Thank you guys!
Shoshana Weiss from Marietta, GA
on 07/28/2019
Wow! Seriously couldn't ask for a better appointment! The staff was incredible and Elizabeth was a live saver. Due to religious reasons I had very specific needs and a very short period to find a dress and Elizabeth was able to just pull a dress and it was the one! She was so helpful and sweet and just made the whole experience more comfortable. Thank you so much, and I can't wait to recommend to my friends!
Rachel Lyon from Marietta
on 07/24/2019
Elizabeth was amazing! She picked out a dress that I would not have thought of before. I gave it a chance and it was the one!
Diana Koch
on 07/21/2019
Jessica was great! She was patient and really listened to what I wanted. She helped me find dresses that I loved that I would never have picked.
Sara Kirks
on 07/21/2019
Phenomenal salon!! Everyone there was so upbeat and welcoming! It’s easy to be overwhelmed with so many beautiful dresses but their system worked perfectly. It was really nice that each party got their own little nook which made it feel very intimate and personal. My consultant Julia was SO fun and kept us all on track. She really listened to what I was saying and was able to shift the dress selections to match my thoughts perfectly. I would highly recommend this salon to any and everybody!!!
Joanna Bardak from Johnson Ferry
on 07/14/2019
Elizabeth was amazing! She knew what I wanted more than I did, I found some amazing dresses that I will definitely come back to see with my mother.