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Erin Jones from Bel Fiore Atlanta
on 11/28/2020
My experience was amazing! This was my first time trying on dresses and Andrea made it so much fun. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured in any way, and she was very helpful at suggesting options for me to try! I had the best time and would love to come back.
Erica Narramore from Marietta
on 11/17/2020
I had a wonderful experience! Andrea Jackson was who helped me, and the entire time from start to finish was fun, easy, and exciting! I saw a dress that stood out to me, and when I pulled the tag to see the price, I noticed it was named after my mom. When I tried it on later(without knowing it just so happened to be the same dress named after my mom), I was 99% sure I had found THE dress. I can't wait to go back December 20 to "say yes" in front of my girls, and hopefully my mom too!
Jenn Lawya
on 11/10/2020
I couldn't be more pleased with your lvl of service. The people you have hired to help the brides, know the designers and dress shapes very well for each bride. Julia is by far the most knowledgeable and welcoming employee you got!
Marquesa Picou from Marietta, GA
on 11/08/2020
Taylor was amazing and very helpful. I look forward to coming back to make my final selection soon!!
Adrienne Dibrell from Johnson ferry rd
on 10/31/2020
As a plus size bride with no idea what I wanted, Chandler and Bel Fiore offered support and a good time. I loved that the dresses were organized by shape and size. I loved the style and flow of the shop and fitting rooms. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful making our experience the best yet. Thank you so much!
Amber Auld from Marietta
on 10/26/2020
Amazing amazing amazing. I can’t say enough good things! Taylor was the BEST. I went to another shop before here and it was just okay. Taylor and the whole Bel Fiore shop took my breath away and I said yes to the dress!!!
Emily Franz from Atlanta
on 10/26/2020
I had a great experience at Bel Fiore. The selection is great, the prices are amazing, and Chandler was so helpful and easy to work with!
Jenna Hoffman from Charleston, SC
on 10/26/2020
I had such an amazing experience here! Julia was my stylist and she was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! She knew exactly what I wanted we even walked up to the same dress! She made us feel so special! Thank you for making such a big decision so easy!!
Shandraya Rogers from Marietta, GA
on 10/25/2020
Loren was AMAZING!!! I walked in 30 minutes before they closed and still she was so patient with me and she’s great at what she does! She made sure my guests and I had our own private space so I felt comfortable shopping despite covid. The salon is clean, all the staff are properly wearing masks and following the cdc covid guidelines. Overall this was a magical experience and I am so glad I said yes to my dress at Bel Fiore. Thank you Loren for making me feel like a bride!
on 10/25/2020
Very friendly staff and they have variety in style.
Akua Nelson from Marietta
on 10/25/2020
I had the BEST experience at Bel Fiore!! I have gotten my bridesmaid dresses there in the past and this time as a bride, I could not have asked for more. Julia was beyond supportive and made me feel like she was so excited for my big day. I am so excited to be a Bel Fiore Bride.
Brittany Lance
on 10/24/2020
I had a wonderful experience at Bel Fiore today! Whine I ended up going with another dress from a different store, my appointment couldn’t have gone better ! They had a lot of gorgeous dresses to pick from!
Esha Singh from Marietta
on 10/14/2020
Absolutely loved coming in here! The selection of dresses was beautiful and Chandler was AMAZING to work with!! Although I didn’t purchase my dream gown when I came in, I hope to be back soon to get it! Thanks so much for your patience (I know I’m super indecisive) and letting us bring in our own supplies for mimosas! Such a great experience
Sarah from Marietta
on 10/10/2020
Loren was so much fun to work with! It was my first time officially looking at dresses which can be an overwhelming experience and she made it incredibly easy and relaxing. She was fun, insightful, and honest. She picked some great dresses that I wouldn’t normally have tried!
Andie Glover from Marietta
on 10/05/2020
Alicia is amazing! So Patient, kind, and helpful. She was hussling it. I had a much better expiration than I did at Anya bridal.
Miaya from Marietta, GA
on 10/03/2020
Andrea was amazing! She was super helpful. After I described what I was looking for she was able to pull dresses for me that I absolutely loved (and somehow missed when I was looking around myself). She was patient with me and made my experience wonderful.
Susana Beltran from Marietta
on 10/03/2020
I fell in love with Bel Fiore! The staff was so helpful and gets to know your personal style to help you find your dream dress! I’ve been shopping for wedding dresses elsewhere and nowhere compared to how amazing Bel Fiore was! Alda assisted me and she was amazing!
Jenifer kim
on 10/02/2020
Andrea was very sweet, professional, and knew what she was doing. She was very attentive to everyone's feedback and of course mine. She then was able to grab a few last minute dresses which everyone loved!
Devin Ellis from Roswell
on 09/22/2020
Daisja was amazing. She was very tentative and quickly got our group set up for trying on dresses. She took care of me and I enjoyed my experience at Bel Fiore.
on 09/16/2020
Chandler was awesome! She listened to everything I wanted about my dress and helped pick out ones I that matched my description. She also stayed late on Sunday so I could try on the trunk show dress one last time. Chandler is amazing and I would recommend her to any bride!
Samantha Garrett
on 09/15/2020
Bel Fiore was my first bridal dress shopping appointment and my consultant Loren made it easy and fun! She helped narrow my style and listened to everything I was asking for! The store was beautiful and having your own mirror and area is so nice compared to other stores that only have one big mirror to share with other brides.
on 09/14/2020
Loren was amazing and very helpful throughout the appointment! Unfortunately, the store didn't have any dresses that really fit the look I was going for. I had a bit of a unique look in mind that did not include any lace or plunging necklines, so I was unable to find my dress at Bel Fiore. Loren did everything she could to help make the appointment go smoothly though!
Kayla Meier from Villa rica, GA
on 08/24/2020
My experience with Bel Fiore was better than I could’ve imagined! Everyone there was so pleasant and welcoming! Julia was truly amazing, so sweet, knowledgeable, and found me my perfect dress! Unfortunately I had a negative experience at different bridal shop. Luckily Bel fiore was quite the opposite and I had a great experience! I cannot say enough good things about Julia and Bel Fiore. I’m so happy to have found my dream dress here!
MaKayla Phillips from Marietta
on 08/17/2020
I absolutely loved my experience with Bel Fiore! Autumn made the appointment fun and stress free. She was very helpful and I was able to find the perfect dress for me!
Starr Crafton from Roswell
on 08/17/2020
Chandler was AMAZING! It was a fantastic experience shopping for my wedding dress at Bel Fiore. Chandler was patient, kind, and helpful - even letting us stay past the end of our appointment time so that I could try on a few more dresses. I can't recommend this store and Chandler enough! A++
Linh Vuong from Bel Fiore Bridal
on 08/16/2020
Absolutely amazing! Daisja was so fabulous and helpful every step of the way!!
Sarah Kate Sinclair from Marietta
on 08/08/2020
Julia was so incredibly helpful!!! I had a wonderful experience at Bel Fiore! Julia was so kind, patient, and put me in gorgeous dresses! This was a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience!
Kelly Moran from Marietta, GA
on 08/08/2020
I had the absolute best experience! I am a very casual person and was nervous to have to shop for dresses and was anxious about it but coming here made it so easy to find the most perfect dress!
Brianna Chambers from Sandy Springs
on 08/07/2020
Beautiful dresses, great shop, helpful staff
Nadira Hamidovic
on 08/06/2020
Amazing! I loved everything about my experience. Loren was very helpful and nice.
Kayla Tucker
on 08/03/2020
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! My bridal consultant was the best and so patient when working with me! The store was beautiful and the gown selection was fantastic!
Lauren Siniard from Marietta, Ga
on 07/30/2020
Alicia was so sweet and helped so much. I loved how quick she was with getting me in and out of the dresses. She even went so far as to grab a manikin with the same suit color to give me an idea of the whole picture. I absolutely loved my experience.
Chaundra Gipson from Atlanta, GA
on 07/29/2020
Amazing experience! Bel Fiore has so many beautiful dresses. My stylist did an awesome job of listening to what I was looking for and finding some amazing options in my budget. I highly recommend this shop!
Amy Bastien from Marietta
on 07/27/2020
Autumn was wonderful! She was able to really envision what I was looking for in a dress and put me in the most beautiful gown that I never would have chosen for myself.
Candace Henault from Marietta, GA
on 07/27/2020
This visit was absolutely amazing and personalized. Alicia did a wonderful job creating the wedding vision on top of just being extremely sweet and personable. The overall experience was lovely and I will definitely be sure to keep them at the top of the list as I continue planning for bridesmaids and more.
Stephanie Dillon
on 07/22/2020
Extremely helpful, thorough, pressure- free & fun!
Leigh Anne Good from Atlanta, GAo
on 07/20/2020
Loren was fabulous! I had 6 bridesmaids with me....all social distancing and wearing masks. Loren explained the process and we all fanned out to find dresses. Loren made me and everyone with me feel special! It was a great experience...I cried when I found my dress! I said "yes to the dress" at Bel Fiore! Thank you!
Sarah Sparks from Marietta
on 07/20/2020
Autumn was super awesome and very knowledgeable and helpful!! The shop is super cute and there are so many dresses!!!
Nichole Sawchuk from Marietta
on 07/18/2020
Amazing experience! Autumn was very helpful and informative and I enjoyed every second of being there! I picked a dress same day!
Vanessa Leon from Bel Fiore Bridal, East Cobb, Georgia
on 07/18/2020
Julia was very helpful! I was a bit lost not knowing exactly what I wanted or what would look good, but she was very knowledgeable. After trying each dress I would give her my opinion of what I like and didn’t like and she would bring out another dress and another and each time we got close and finally found the perfect one!! I was so happy!
Mecca Cunningham from Marietta
on 07/18/2020
I loved it I picked my perfect dress and Alicia was very helpful in helping me find it I had a very good experience.
on 07/13/2020
I was provided with excellent services
Kerri Ellis from Marietta
on 07/11/2020
My experience at Bel Fiore in Marietta was amazing! Julia was so great through the whole process. After trying on a couple dresses Julia knew my style and knew exactly what I was looking for! This is the first bridal salon I went to and I’m so happy I found my perfect dress!
Rachel Mercer from Dallas, GA
on 07/11/2020
Ashleigh was absolutely amazing and helped me find the dress of my dreams! I’ve never felt so comfortable trying on clothes!!
on 07/11/2020
Alicia was great! I felt like she really listened to my feedback and picked great dresses! I can’t wait to see her again!
Jenna Dreyer from East Cobb
on 07/11/2020
I can’t say enough about the great experience I had at Bel Fiore!! Julia was so helpful, quickly getting to know my style and helping pick dresses that fell in that category as well as my budget. She took so much stress out of the process!
Selima Houlker from Atlanta, GA
on 07/07/2020
Excellent service from Chandler
Sarah Gerardi from Marietta
on 07/05/2020
Loren, you are AMAZING!! I’m over the moon thankful for how she was patient and kind and so willing to help me find my dress! I’m also SO thankful there was no pressure in purchasing one that day and willing to offer sound advice to take a few days to process and then let her know! Best first experience EVER!
Lauren Christopher from Marietta
on 07/03/2020
Absolutely loved this place! Although I didn’t end up picking my dress from here the customer service is beyond amazing! Ashley made this experience an unforgettable one and I am forever grateful and will always recommend this bridal shop!
Savanna Shanks from Marietta
on 07/02/2020
The absolute best experience I could have asked for. My consultant was so beyond friendly and helpful. She took the gowns I liked and found me ones so much better and really blew me away! I had the most wonderful time and am so happy to say I found my dress!!!